Trudeau's raging incomptence

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Trudeau's raging incomptence
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You started an identical thread two days ago.

Exact same typo in the title, too.

Sean in Ottawa

It might not be so bad if the blogs were not so terrible. This one calls out the PM for one single decision the writer does not like -- he does not seem to grasp the reasons commentators have found for being unhappy with the donation. He provides no source link or reference to the news, presumably since you can google it and find all kinds of better written commentary on this.

I know that this writer posts here never identifying that he is flogging his own stuff. It seems like his entire Babble persona is this disrespectful SEO work he is doing for his site. I think it is one thing to post here anonymously but something else to use that to flog your work pretending to be a third party. In a situation like this, at least being honest enough to come here under his own name when promoting the stuff he publishes under his own name could garner a little more respect. People here who do not provide their real names do not publish under those names and promote here under a different one.

He gets quite POed when people don't praise his writing. The problem is most posts on this site are more interesting and better defended than his stuff.

And since he has made his writing the topic of conversation, it can bear comment and is not a personal attack. He has made his personal posts the topic here and they can be responded to like the content of anything else, particularly since he does not even admit what he is doing.