Coalition government - who gets which roles?

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Following up on those numbers I am re inserting the polling data released from Angus Reid. While I disagree with Michele closing the polling thread, just an hour after I provided polling data, and a discussion was following on the infomation from that data, I will continue it here as requested.

Angus Reid was on CTV this morning. Talking about the results mentioned earlier.

I saw some mention of those numbers earlier in the thread, but I missed the link.

Key findings Link bolded

64% would not be comfortable with Dion as Prime Minister

53% do not believe the Tories have done a good job

75% believe in a stimulus package

35% believe the Conservatives should govern

40% believe the Conservatives need to go.

37% support a coalition Government

57% are worried about the BQ

68% are against having an election (Look at alberta 56% for another election)

Support for political funding of parties is 34% with numbers from east to west.









and I also heard polling data from Angus Reid regarding the Porogie parliment :) But I can't find it on the poll. They said support for withholding parliment was 32%.

There is no runaway winner in this.

THere is no mass support for Harper or for the Coalition.

Dion has little credibility with the public. (No surprise to me)

People don't support public funding of political parties (which started this whole thing)

And 2% more people support the coalition then harper, but that ain't saying much.

So, where does all that 62% of the public who voted for a Coalition party go? Fact is, people are individuals and make up their own minds.

As you know, I have stated that Dion is the weak link. It is as obvious as this poll. Each day Dion is on television is a negative day for the coalition.

The days ahead are critical. The media is ignoring other key players, and focus on Dion, because he is heading the coalition. He isn't warming up to the public and he won't.

The Coalition needs to be more visible as a force and downplay Dion. Less Dion = Stronger Voice.

More Dion = Less Credibility with the public.

He is liked less then public concern over the BQ.

V. Jara

According to Don Martin, a (probably Liberal) source is saying:

Dion - PM

Goodale -Finance

Rae- Foreign Affairs

Coderre- Public Works

Cotler- Justice

Russell- Indian Affairs

Bennett- Health

LeBlanc- ACOA

NDP (Godin I presume)- Human Resources

Liberals Wrzesnewskyj and McTeague fighting it out for Immigration

Ignatieff possibly sitting this one out.

 ETA: Just in case anyone didn't catch it, how many women do you see on that list? 1.

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Funny, the one on line petition has a google ad that states Harper's IQ is 128 and challenges you to see if you are smarter than Harper. Pffft, 128 was/is easy to beat.

Begrudging respect is an understatement. I would say damning with faint praise and trying to fear monger.

"watching the tide roll away"

V. Jara
V. Jara

Layton gets some begrudging respect from the Toronto Sun.

ETA:Broadbent reads Harper the Riot Act. Be sure to check out the video. They should get Broadbent to cut some ads the way he's going.

ETA2: Layton's memoirs recount just how far the Harper-BQ plot was willing to go in 2005 and also some contradictions with the NDP's current plans.

Wilf Day

Some have suggested the coalition would gain momentum by naming the cabinet. But perhaps not, since more will be left out than included, especially on the Liberal bench. The NDP bench too.

Since the West wants in, the NDP six must include one from BC, Linda Duncan, and Judy Wasylycia-Leis. Then there's Layton and Mulcair. The sixth is Comartin, Angus or Harris. I can make a strong case for each. If the actual cabinet turns out to be 28, the NDP gets a seventh. If 32, an eighth.

For parity, the BC member is a woman. Libby Davies or Dawn Black, I suppose.

V. Jara

I'd bet on Davies as the BC rep, in a social portfolio, and what about Godin? He speaks a lot better English than Comartin, Angus or Harris speak French. The Nat Post was rumouring that the NDP had HRSD locked-up. You go with either Harris or Godin and all the broad regions (except for the North) are covered by the NDP. There will also be a greater scarcity of New Brunswick cabinet material due to the losses the Liberals suffered there.

Finally, maybe naming a cabinet is not a bad thing, especially if it means you can make dissidents like Jimmy K, Valeriote, and Keith Martin shut their mouths once they get their cabinet or parl sec role. It also gives certain MPs a spot to stump from as ministers-to-be. Right now all the media is seriously paying attention to are the party leaders or leadership contestants.

Wilf Day

V. Jara wrote:
what about Godin? 

He's a great choice -- except that New Brunswick has only 10 MPs out of 308, and can have only one minister out of 24, or even out of 32. And Leblanc is that minister.