Will the new Harper majority repeal the Canada health act and end universal health care?

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Will the new Harper majority repeal the Canada health act and end universal health care?

They're so many concerns this morning and I feel sick to my stomach. However, I think that I can handle most of what the Harper regime will dish out except if he is planning to end universal health care. I just CANNOT afford to pay $10,000 a month in monthly premiums like U.S. citizens do.

So, my question is: Will the Harper majority repeal the Canada Health Act?  If he does introduce the legislation, it will pass no matter what the outcry. He. Simply. Won't. Care.

I'm being serious here.


I share your concern.  Harper's lack of enthusiasm for medicare is what I fear the most from the next 4 years.  Mainly because privatization would be pretty much impossible to reverse.




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The Cons don't have to actively kill it (there's a bit of political risk in that); they'll just let it die the death of a thousand wounds by letting the more neocon provinces "experiment" with privatization.

Evil fuckers, every one.


I consider that highly unlikely. That said, the Harper government will either ignore or encourage any provincial efforts that emerge to privatize the delivery of health care. 


No, that's not the way they'll go, because that would upset much of their misinformed, manipulated masses.

What they will do is quietly de-fund one agency after another and allow the private sector to "fill the vacuum".  What they will do is fire, make redundant or throw mud at spokespersons who propose improvements to the existing system. What they will do is sell off facilities, contract out services and lease government assets to the only bidder- all in the name of efficiency. What they will do is reduce staff and hours, bust unions and vilify employee advocates. In fact, what they've been doing all along, only at an accelerated pace.

The only question is how much resistance they will encounter from the provinces?


It depends on whether or not the Conservatives want to win the next election. If they've given up that hope, then there's nothing stopping scorched earth government. A wild animal is most dangerous when backed into a corner.

Having said that, I agree that he may not kill public health care outright. Much of the damage to the public health care system already happened under the watch of the Liberals advancing the policies Harper advocated, so it will pretty much be a continuation of the policies already in place. (Remember in 2004 when the current agreement was signed, then-Opposition Leader Harper praised the Liberals for lifing restrictions on private delivery.) Had the Liberals actually strengthened public health care, Harper would not have political cover to do much damage.

Sean in Ottawa

They don't need to repeal it-- they will just ignore it and allow provinces to as well. Power is relevant to them not law