Will Opposition Parties Finally Bring Harper Down over Detainee Issue - Election Anyone?

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We will be watching the Libs collapse like a house of cards, I fear.  They are afraid of their own shadow.  I am so terribly sad about all of this, because I do care a great deal about the supremacy of Parliament.  It was worth waiting to see if the Libs could be cajoled along to preserve it, but I fear there is nothing they won't sacrifice to save their skins.  Their cowardice on this one makes me goddamn furious.


ottawaobserver wrote:

We will be watching the Libs collapse like a house of cards, I fear.  They are afraid of their own shadow.

No kidding. What a revelation. Gee, thanks for that.

I guess you'd like us to forget that all three opposition parties have already collapsed like a house of cards, afraid of their own cowardly shadows. You (and they) just keep moving the goalposts forward until Harper can score without even taking a shot.

Wake me up when it's time to reconsider what I've said all along. Sample:

Unionist, when the NDP had declared "VICTORY", wrote:

Parliament demanded documents, and now all parties have agreed that (a) Parliament won't get them, and (b) the public may never know what is in them.

Difference: there will be three Iacobuccis who decide what the public (including all MPs but 4) has the right to know, and in what form.

Furthermore, all parties appear to have recognized that "national security" could conceivably be at stake in accounts of the handover of detainees.

The NDP calls this a "VICTORY"! Indeed. For Harper. And Paul Martin. and Jean Chrétien. They can stop worrying about those pesky war crimes charges now.


I suppose.  But the principle of parliamentary supremacy would have been no further ahead if the NDP didn't try to get the Liberals on side.  Going into the negotiations, the NDP and the Bloc were onside, but then the Bloc caved on a few points behind closed doors, I heard, and the Liberals were always dragging their feet.  Then the Bloc firmed up again, but not the Libs.

The Speaker's ruling was a victory, Unionist.  But it needed all the opposition parties to behave as though it truly mattered.  We'll see who puts their back into the filibuster this week, and who doesn't.


I see that Brig Gen. Ken Watkin who has been appointed to the bogus Israeli Mavi Marmara 'inquiry' is also involved in the detainee issue. Before that he represented Romeo Dallaire in this various appearances before Rwanda connected inquiries, the Somalia inquiry, Bosnia and various files around Canada's response to 9/11. A well practised cover-up military lawyer - perfect for the job.

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