ADQ spirals drain - 2 caucus members, including former leadership candidate, quit

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ADQ spirals drain - 2 caucus members, including former leadership candidate, quit


The disintegration of the once-mighty Action démocratique du Quebec gathered speed with the sudden resignation Friday of one-third of what remains of its rump of a caucus.

The right-wing, third-place provincial party has suddenly lost two of its remaining six elected members, who told a news conference that they would sit as Independents.

They include Eric Caire, who recently came in second in the party's leadership race, and colleague Marc Picard.

Mr. Caire cast his move as a question of principle - and said he couldn't recognize the right-wing party he once believed in.

"This is no longer the party I worked for," Mr. Caire said. "That ADQ no longer exists for me."

The recent paper-thin leadership victory of Gilles Taillon - by only two votes - is coming under increased scrutiny, with reports of campaign irregularities.


Read the rest: Remi Nadeau, [url="Ailing ADQ loses one-third of its caucus,"[/url] Globe and Mail, November 6, 2009.


Ding Dong the witch is dead!

David Young

Remember the Equity Party that knocked off then-premier Robert Bourassa in the 1989 Quebec Election?  After the leader defected to the P.Q., that party withered away as well.


I suppose the one good thing about the ADQ was that it siphoned off a lot of evil rightwingers into a third party that had no influence. Now those homeless rightists will go back to trying to infiltrate the Quebec Liberals and the PQ.


Infiltrating the Liberals? They already have a conservative as leader.


That obviously wasn't good enough for some people otherwise the ADQ wouldn;t have existed in the first place! Anyways, the less influence those horrid people have the better.


Now, I've seen everything. Eric Caire quit the ADQ because he thinks that under Gilles Taillon it won't be rightwing ENOUGH and he is determined to stick his ultra rightwing beliefs of mass privagtization and estruction of the welfare state. Today La Presse reports that Pauline Marois invited him to join the PQ - he refused only because he isn't a sovereignist.

How rightwing must the Parti Quebecois be to even contemplate inviting a righwting crackpot like Caire to join them??? This would be the equivalent of Jack Layton asking Gerry Nichols of the National Citizens Coalition who thinks Harper isn't righwting enough to join the NDP!


Oh, man, this just keeps getting better and better.