Ban insults to police, Montreal council urged

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Ban insults to police, Montreal council urged

MONTREAL–Montreal police have asked the city to make it illegal for citizens to hurl insults such as "pig" and "doughnut eater" at officers.

Mayor Gérald Tremblay said yesterday his public security committee is mulling the request by Montreal's police brotherhood to slap offenders with fines.

The union wants Tremblay to make it illegal for the public to fire insults at police, regardless of whether they are profanity-laced.

"It's something that will be addressed – we know that other cities have passed some bylaws considering that subject," said Tremblay, who stressed that the city has not made any concrete decisions about banning indignities directed at police.. . .

. . .Montreal was also expected to pass a motion last night to meet another police request.

The city is considering a bylaw amendment that would prohibit protesters from covering their faces during demonstrations, except in certain situations.



So be careful the next time you're wearing your V for Vendetta mask at an anti-Scientology rally in Montreal, and a cop asks you to remove it, and you call him/her a Sus domestica, or accuse him/her of having an affinity for certain pastries.


Mayor Tremblay would do better to remove snow and ice from the streets than masks and insults.


If protestors have to show their faces at protests then police officers should have to as well ie ot wearing balaclava's or having elmets with tinted face shields etc.. on.


Interestingly enough this morning in Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is suggesting that we probably need to move away from the police investigating themselves.

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Jeez, if a Montreal cop can't go around shooting teenagers playing dice without having their feelings hurt by a bit of untoward namecalling, what is the city coming to?


Were they responding to the three police(people and dog) in the old Rock et belles oreilles song, "Bonjour, la police"?

Bonjour c'est encore nous
Vos trois gentils toutous
Je veux parler de Rex, de moi
Et du sergent Bigras
- C'est cela

On est pas mal tannés
De se faire écoeurer
Oh oui effectivement
On est victimes de harcèlement

Ce n'est pas que l'on se plaigne
De se faire traiter de mangeux d'beignes
De beux... De porcs... De gros chiens sales
Au caractères un peu brutal

À la longue ont s'y fait
Parce qu'au fond c'est un peu vrai
Mais ya quelque chose qu'on peut pas supporter
Chus pu capable de l'endurer
C'est de se faire crier

Bonjour la police (...)
- Est vieille, est vieille
Bonjour la police (...)
- Circulationnez je vous prie
- Chef... t'sais le maniaque à la chainsaw?
- Ouan...
- Y s'est sauvé avec mon bras

Bonjour la police

- Allô police? Mon mari m'maltraite
- J't'ai dit de ne pas m'appeler à job, Pierrette!

Bonjour la police

- Police plein de pisse... y sont nonos les polices

Vous pouvez dire tout ce que vous voulez
Mais au nom de la loi, arrêtez de nous crier:

Bonjour la police (...)
- Tiens tiens... des petits humorismes!
Bonjour la police (...)
- À votre service

En 25 ans de métier
Ya pus rien pour nous impressionner

- Chef
- Qu'est-cé qu'y a là... J't'en train de chanter
- Bravo... Rex s'est fait écraser... Yé mort!

Rex pourquoi t'a ton tué?
Les écoeurants y vont payer

Bonjour la police (...)

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NorthReport wrote:
Interestingly enough this morning in Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is suggesting that we probably need to move away from the police investigating themselves.


This is overdue not just in Vancouver but right across Canada. What with all the police atrocities lately, perhaps there is now more public support for the implementation of this idea. 

martin dufresne

I imagine Dunkin Donuts will sue.


martin dufresne wrote:
I imagine Dunkin Donuts will sue.

Why do you say that Martin?


Four days after the last snow storm, and my lady friend's Montreal suburb just gets the boulevards cleared of snow piles.

Meanwhile, back in my borough, that was done by yesterday at the latest.

Is it gauche to have a thread on that?