Dalton shakes out a Wynne

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Dalton shakes out a Wynne

Haha, just noticed the Ceeb story didn't mention the Agriculture Minister and that's with Dombroskey taking over Education from Wynne.  [it is in the sidebar]  Haha, typical.  Not like the Ag file merits mention.

BA, you live in Carol Mitchel's area.  I'm not familiar.  Your take?  From what I understand, the ministry of the environment is more interested in farming and agriculture than the ministry of Ag. 


I don't get why Wynne lost Education to Dombrowsky.  I mean, at least there are women in key cabinet positions, but what was Wynne doing that was so terrible and required a demotion to Transportation minister?

And puh-leeeease, not a demotion?  Come on.  Even considering the transit and transportation policies needed to create a greener province, that's a demotion, no doubt about it.

I was acquainted with Wynne when I lived in Don Valley West a decade ago.  She is a smart and principled person and was passionate about education back then.  Maybe too principled and passionate to be the Minister of Education for a Liberal government?

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Looks like Ted McMeekin is being punished [url=http://www.thespec.com/article/689479]for donating to Andrea Horwath's leadership campaign[/url]. A slightly less cynical view would be to say that he holds a safer riding than his colleague from Hamilton Mountain.


I'm amused at the fact that the media is making a big deal of the fact that there are now eleven women in Cabinet, a mere twenty years after the same milestone was reached by an NDP government.


And, wearing my housing advocate hat, "Oh good, another new minister to educate."


Bookish Agrarian

Carol's not so bad Farmpunk, if she follows through on her rhetoric.  That will be the huge test.

I have to wonder if Dombrowsky's move is a reward for a loyal trooper who always toes the line.  If I was an education activist I would be worried that she will bring her 'success' record with her.




Scott Piatkowski wrote:

Looks like Ted McMeekin is being punished [url=http://www.thespec.com/article/689479]for donating to Andrea Horwath's leadership campaign[/url]. A slightly less cynical view would be to say that he holds a safer riding than his colleague from Hamilton Mountain.

Safer from the NDP, surely.  Not so sure about how "safer" it is, period--after all, if it weren't for the byelection which elected McMeekin, it might well still be PC, and the relative closeness of his subsequent two general-election results proves it.  And when it comes to Hamilton's rural belt, remember who he's next door to: Tim Hudak...


Neat story about McKeekin and Horwath.  Wouldn't it be odd for members of parties to overtly work together on issues, too....

Hamilton is an under-reported region of Ontario, far as I'm concerned.  There's a lot going on, politically and otherwise, in the Hammer and surrouding areas. 

BA, I take it that you aren't\weren't a fan of the former Ag Minister.  I never met her, and can't remember her ever being at any of the local events in my area.  But she is a McGuinty Lib, and exploring the southern hinterland has never been a strength of that band of merry policy makers.  I'll definitely be paying attention to Mitchell going forward.  I'm just glad Steve Peters is safe as Speaker, because his efforts as Ag Minister were made for a CBC comedy.  And he was Industry Minister, too, for a while.  And look how much skill he brough to his local riding on that score.

I'm not sure why Wynne was demoted, either, and it's clearly a step-down.  Since we can't speculate on personal reasons, I wonder if McGuinty is looking for more of a hard liner in Education.  As BA suggests, Dombrowsky kept to the Liberal script.  I imagine that the education file will get slightly more tricky in the near future, as enrollments drop, technology becomes a factor, and the well off folks start sending their kids to private schools. 

Notice that Bentley is now Abroriginal Minister, in addition to Attourney General.  I realize the Feds are the big player in that sector, but that double posting seems a little like a conflict of interests, given that some of the larger land-claim based legal issues pit native communities vs the government. 

Duguid, anyone?  I have a feeling the "Energy" file is a looming fuck-up, along the lines of EHealth.  But, of course, green energy projects aren't being stuffed into Scarborough, or the GTA, so it's probably not going to be much of a issue.




"Aggelonitis was elected as to represent Hamilton Mountain"


This is a desperation move by McGuinty.




Dombrowsky is in there to undo the work that Wynne was so popular for doing. It will soon be slash and burn and maybe open up the collective agreements time for McGuinty and his crew.

Drombrowsky will swing the axe and light the match. Wynne goes to transport so she still has a seat at the big boy/girl table and saves face but isn't blamed for anything.