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Suaveman wrote:
And to add to a babbler above, 85% of MTL NDP activists that I know are supporting Projet Montreal.

I'll see your Julius Grey for Vision Montreal, and I'll raise you John Gomery for Projet Montreal:

"Former judge John Gomery boosts Projet Montréal's ethical credentials"

Richard Bergeron's Projet Montréal, the third party in the Nov. 1 city election, will receive the biggest boost in its five-year history today.

John Gomery, the now-retired judge who headed the federal inquiry into the sponsorship scandal, is to announce at a news conference that he will be honorary chairperson of the party's fundraising campaign.

This will be Gomery's first dip into partisan politics. It is important for two reasons.

First, his leadership of the sponsorship probe in 2004-05 made him Canada's leading expert on political corruption. His informed indignation also made him a national symbol of probity. His symbolic watchdog role at Projet Montréal thus gives that party unusual ethical stature.

Second, Gomery's entry into the politics comes at a time when ethics at city hall have never been more at a premium. Sleaze appears rampant. Mayor Gérald Tremblay's administration is the subject of four current police investigations of questionable practices.

martin dufresne

Mayor Tremblay's response to Justice Gomery's entry in the race is rather pathetic:

"He made the choice to go into partisan politics, so his rhetoric is certainly tainted by his new role..."

There goes The Montreal Gazette's support he was taking for granted, counting on their PQ-phobia.

And with Conrad Black being denied bail... hard times for old-style politicos.


Martin, good one!  Laughing


V. Jara

What do people think of Gomery's move? I wasn't that impressed with his handling of the sponsorship scandal but Projet Montreal does seem to have the most attractive vision for the city at the moment.

martin dufresne

I remember Gomery standing up to the patriarchalist lobby twenty years ago in a Chatelaine article, when he stated that in contested custody cases, fathers won 50% of the time, so their claim of being discriminated against had no merit.

I have liked his no-nonsense approach ever since, even if it got him in hot water at the Sponsorships Scandal Commission.

McGill Daily write-up about the party.

Projet Montréal platform


"Jean Chrétien went to federal court to clear his name and have the Gomery report invalidated. On June 26, 2008, federal judge Max Teitelbaum criticized Gomery for having a preoccupation with the media spotlight that led him to give interviews he should have eschewed, making comments that indicated he judged issues before all evidence was heard, exhibited bias against Mr. Chrétien, and trivialized the inquiry proceedings. For instance, Teitelbaum pointed out that Gomery's remark halfway through the hearings that "juicy stuff" was yet to come made it appear that evidence of wrongdoing was expected before it was heard. The federal judge also ruled that Gomery's comments on "small town cheap" amounted to a personal insult against Chrétien. The court quashed the Gomery inquiry's conclusions that Chrétien and Jean Pelletier bore responsibility for the sponsorship scandal.[2] [3]"

In other words, weasel words from the Chretien cabal, and the judgement against Gomery is more legalistic than judicious.

Go Gomery.

martin dufresne

The president of Mayor Gérard Tremblay's party, Brenda Paris, jumped ship this morning and joined former PQ minister Louise Harel's party, Vision Montréal. She will run for borough mayor of Côte-des-Neiges - Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Another new high-profile Vision Montréal anglo candidate is David B. Hanna, professor of urban studies at Université du Québec à Montréal. The Montreal Gazette's coverage of this momentous turaround is remarkably terse, compared to that of La PRESSE, who points out that Paris quit over the numerous police inquests looking into Tremblay and his cronies gross mismanagement of the city.

Bye bye Gérard!


Amazing development - didn't see this coming at all - thanks for the post, martin!



Montreal opposition wants tougher ethics code"

Montreal's city hall opposition says it will push for an independent ethics commissioner and tougher penalties for elected officials.

The city's opposition party was expected to present its recommendations for a new code of ethics at a council meeting Monday night.

Former Vision Montréal leader Benoît Labonté says the only way to fight corruption at city hall is to name an independent person to oversee ethics investigations, one who can impose penalties on elected officials who violate the rules ...


Socrates Socrates's picture

Vision are a carbon copy of Union and both are pro-business, ethically challenged and authoritarian parties. As someone who lives in Quebec, I've never heard Harel's name and the word progressive in the same sentence before. Rather I've always associated her with the mainstream PQ tendency whichh long since gave up on policy goals or social justice and turned their sights on sovereignty for its own sake.


The only progressive party, with transparent and democratic fundraising mechanisms and a platform that I or any other progressive can be proud to support (as opposed to holding your nose with Harel to get rid of Tremblay, only to see her act the exact same way) is Projet Montreal.


I too don't know anyone from the NDP who isn't working for Projet Montreal and I hope all other progressives will support Richard Bergeron and his party and not be suckered in by Vision. Projet will run the table in the Plateau-Mont-Royal and has a good chance to pick up enough seats in NDG, Ahuntsic and several other areas to form the balance of power in what will almost certainly be a minority city hall.

If Project has enough support a minority will mean they don't need to win to see many of their policies adopted. Let'ss get them as many seats as we can!


Pauvre M Tremblay


The universe is not unfolding as it should for the him.

Copinage à Montréal... encore


"Montreal's proposed code of ethics is full of holes: The plan, drafted by politicians, should not reassure the public"

Montreal's scandal-ridden city hall urgently needs a code of ethics, but it doesn't need the sad excuse for one that was proposed this week.

A panel of councillors from all three municipal parties produced this draft code. That was the first mistake: If you want tough rules of conduct, you don't do as Mayor Gérald Tremblay did and ask people who would be most affected by them to draw them up. It's like asking the auto industry code to draw up the fuel-efficiency regulations ...

A culture of permissiveness has flourished during Tremblay's two terms. If he wants to become part of the solution, he'll have to more than tweak this draft before presenting it to council for approval in time for the Nov. 1 election. The first step is finding impartial authors willing to show discourtesy to fawning favour-seekers.