Ottawa municipal election

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Ottawa municipal election

I know that it is hardly as exciting as the Toronto race, but our nation's capital does have an election too. I find it interesting that will all the talk of the Tea Party sweaping north with Ford in Toronto, that Jim Watson, who is probably the most anti-tea party politician you could think of (moderate, lots of governmental experience, generally seen as being one of the more polite politicos out there) looks like an almost sure lock to win.

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I'm originally from Ottawa so I have been following it online.

This article doesn't make up for having had O'Brien as my mayor, but it goes part of the way in cheering me up:

Larry O'Brien's mea culpa: I was a lousy mayor, but not anymore


‘I probably made every single major political mistake that was possible,’ mayoral incumbent says in startling apology

Have fun, Torontonians, this is what you have to look forward to...


[url= Winnipeg, now Ottawa. How do these desparate Conservatives figure these tactics work?[/url]

Larry O'Brien's mayoral campaign says it has no plans to pull a sourly received telephone offensive targeted at thousands of Ottawa voters.

The campaign's automated phone calls have upset many residents, with several complaining about them online and another mayoral candidate labelling them offensive.

"Hi. It's Larry O'Brien calling," a recording begins. "This election is your chance to send a message to Jim Watson and his Toronto friends."

Several recipients said they couldn't hang up and use their phones for another call once the taped message started. A YouTube video shows a man apparently trying in vain for more than 20 minutes to hang up on a telephone "town hall" meeting, basically a massive conference call featuring O'Brien.


The youtube video was a hoax. You should know what happens when you have two phones in one house, if both are on and you turn one off, the other is still on, so when you turn the first one back on, well of course it will still be on the 'town hall' meeting. That was simple and you fell for it, oh boy! A torontonian and Watson supporter.


I'd prefer Doucet, but I can live with Watson, who looks like he will cruise to victory today. Capital Ward will be interesting to watch with a number of decent candidates with strong organizations, kinda reminds me of a 613 version of Ward 27.