Rob Ford being sued for 6 million

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Rob Ford being sued for 6 million

Now, this is the point where most people would step down if they were running for office, until matters were cleared up at least, will Rob Ford withdraw from the race, as he should?

Is there a law on Toronto's municipal laws that  exclude those under legal charges from running for office?

If not there should be.



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Can you imagine how many shooting of his mouth lawsuits, as mayor, Torontonians will have to pay for?

I can, if Rob Ford's ego allows him to  slander now, imagine if he gets to be mayor.

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I'm so happy right now.

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From a distance and what I have seen of Mr. Ford in the media, I doubt he will withdraw. I can see him spinning this lawsuit to his advantage and characterizing himself as the candidate who will clean up City Hall.


I think its reasonable that candidates withdraw if they face criminal charges. This is a civil case where he is being sued. I can't see a law where anytime someone is being sued they have to drop out. If that was the case people would be launching frivolous lawsuits everywhere against anyone they wanted to drive out of a political race.

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How can you give attention to an office when you are being sued for 6 million for alleging someone had affliations to corruption?

Which also alludes to the notion that those on council who voted to allow a further 20 year contract must also be on the dime.


Moreover, how could Ford work with those  he has labelled corrupt anyway? Actually, how did he vote on that contract?

It would be tff if he voted "yea" and then made these accusations.


Small business owners should take note of this type of smarmy Conservative  action, they are obviously not the party of small business, or they would not want to destroy a small business, so a corporate junk food industry can move in.

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It might be a distraction, but dropping out due to a lawsuit is something no one should hope for. 

Imagine if the tables were turned, and a progressive candidate were sued by a rightwing crank weeks before she was cruising to victory. 

All it takes to file a lawsuit is a lawyer.  Should I be able to file suits against any candidate I don't like - forcing them out of the race?  It's not a precident I'd like to see.


I find myself in agreement with Stockholm and Lou. They said it far better than I cold have.


Ford will definitely not drop out. He's got a big label deal in the works for City Hall if he's successful. 

A political

The lawsuit will likely help him.  Now his supporters will believe he is being pciked on for sure. 


Ford thrives on controversy. All this negative crap just helps him. Don't forget people are not voting for him. They are voting against something. Real or perceived.