Save Sasha from the City of Windsor

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Save Sasha from the City of Windsor

Sasha is apparently an American Bulldog, living in Windsor, Ontario.  This is what her human says about her:


My dog Sasha has been deemed as a prohibited breed here in the City of Windsor.  Sasha is Not a Pittbull and I have a rabies certificate signed by the doctor at Lauzon Vet hospital here in Windsor with her breed as American Bulldog.

I have been served to go to court and prove she is not a Pittbull. The Veternarians association does not allow Vets to determine the breed of an animal. The Vet himself told me that he is not qualified to identify a specific breed.

This leads me to wonder what makes the City Officials qualified to make that judgement. 
Sasha has never harmed anyone nor has she ever caused trouble.

Please sign the petition and  help me save her life and try to put an end to the endless number of INNOCENT animals being put to sleep.

Anyone know what's happening with this?  I'm looking for news articles about it and I'm finding nothing.  And the dates in the Facebook group are from February and March...


Even from that rather poor picture I can see that Sasha is not a pitbull.  It's a stupid law anyway.


Kimberly Wilson is shown on the Facebook page as residing in Detroit. Did she cross the border to save Sasha?



On Facebook, you can become part of any network, doesn't mean you live there.  I don't join networks, but if I did, I'd probably join a Kingston Ontario network simply because I grew up there and would know lots of people in it.

Anyhow, I'm not sure what that has to do with anything...?


Michelle wrote:

On Facebook, you can become part of any network, doesn't mean you live there.

I realize that. I wasn't referring to her network. I was referring to the identifier on the group page, which shows the admin as "Kimberly Wilson (Detroit, MI)."

Also, if you go to her individual [url=Facebook"> page[/url] and look at her 273 friends, you'll note that more than 1/2 of them are from Detroit - and I couldn't find a single one from Windsor (although there are many from London, Edmonton, etc.).

That's why I was wondering whether she actually lives in Detroit.

Of course, I entertained the remote possibility that Kimberly Wilson is actually just a friend who set up the petition and Facebook group for the dog's human, but that seems unlikely.

Anyhow, I'm not sure what that has to do with anything...?

I don't know. It may help explain why it's impossible to find anything about this in the media.


Whatever is in brackets is their network.  If I, for instance, used my university as my first network, then (Ryerson University) would be what shows up in brackets.

For instance, check out the admins for this group:

Also, from what I understand, it's quite common for people from Windsor and Detroit to not only work in each other's towns, but also hang out and socialize in both places, due to its close proximity.  So, it's not surprising to me that she has lots of friends there.


Anyhoo, one of the sad things here is that American bulldogs like their British counterpart, while perhaps fearsome looking, are particularly good with children.  Early and positive socialisation with other dogs is important with the breed.  They're like boxers in that respect.

Kimberly WIlson


I had no Idea this site even existed I am soo happy to see word getting around and more support then I could have ever imagined. I would really like to thank everyone for all the support and interest and blessings you have sent sasha and our family.

I have created a petition for all to sign please pass it on to everyone you know.


I want to clairify that I am from Windsor Ontario Canada.  My network is Detroit  it is closer  than London is. The friends on my list some are from Detroit but most are from Windsor

Again THANK YOU soo much for your support.


Sasha and Family


Good luck, Kimberly!


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Signed, personal messages put in, and forwarded, good luck Kimberly!

I stated that if Windsor is going to have such a law, then it is incumbent upon them to have a certified official in dog breeds, that can legally determine what  is the dogs in question breeds, as opposed to using personal opinion to make the decision about killing family pets, that have caused no one harm.

the grey

I don't know if they've gotten around to changing it, but Facebook for quite a while at least didn't have "Windsor" as a network.  That meant that most people who live in Windsor and use Facebook set their network as "Detroit."