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My brother lives in Michigan and they got hit with 7" of snow and the town has literally been shut down..LOL


What's a "?  Anyway, we got about 20 - 25 cm here in Oshawa.  Almost enough to cover up the rusting GM facilities and general scuzz.


My agency closed for the day.  In anticipation I had moved around appointments which actually involved seeing my clients, and brought home my 'puter and enough admin stuff to keep me busy for a few days.  As far as just that stuff goes I actually had a more productive day than I would have on a day sitting at my desk, and I checked in with some clients by phone.


Truth is, by about 10:00 I could have made it in, but I got a lot more work done here. I also just made a nice cuppa cocoa with vodka in it.  Don't do that at the office.  The dude came by to shovel the snow a short time ago and he said he'll come back later to see if the plows left me with a big windrow at the end of the driveway. 

Life remains good.


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oldgoat wrote:

What's a "?



If there's one thing I hate which is one of the worst of human traits is condescension.


  Possible response #1

I'm from Toronto, I can't help it.  In the DNA ya know.


  Possible response #2

Yeah, with the cold we're getting a lot of condescension on the inside of the windows.


...I mean I could just apologize, but see response #1



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I personally hate condensation myself.

It all comes back to snow doesn't it.

How precipitous.

The kittens and I had a great day together. Some of us snored on the couch most of the day, some of us did some work from home. I hate proof-reading reports they write though.


I saw a cherry blossom today.


The snow stopped here around 9 last might. Schools are open but school buses are on a one hour delay.


Needed a pick axe to contend with some of the frozen chunks of slush delivered overnight by the municipality snowplow.

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Only in the stark light of today can Torontonians see the carnage that yesterday's storm wrought.  I spent most of my morning with volunteer crews, helping dig cadavers out of snowbanks and searching for the occasional survivor.  Many bodies will only be found in Spring, but people have already started laying flowers and wreaths around their neighbourhoods in honour of loved ones who didn't believe the Weather Network and paid a horrible price.

I think I should be able to stay with a friend whose house was mostly spared, though his roof is only a tarp right now -- and that's assuming it's not commandeered for use as a triage station.  Assuming I can navigate the snowbanks, I'll be heading to whichever hospital was able to remain open -- there's a huge demand for whole blood, for obvious reasons, and having eaten the last of my freeze-dried food, I'm probably healthy enough to give.  I'm a little low on water, and I gave my Red Cross blanket to a young child who was wandering up and down Yonge St., his parents having been buried under snow while trying to return a DVD.  He'd stayed in the car, and survived by eating three pine-scented air fresheners from the glove compartment.  Who'll explain to him that this didn't have to happen?  If only his parents had listened!!  What did they *think* "Snowmageddon" would mean???


What a mensch.

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lol Snert!!

Jeez, how you managed to turn into a (half) decent babbler when I have 12 days left to moderate is beyond me.



We're all on our best behaviour until February 16, then ....Sealed