I think it's great that "The Big Bang Theory" is a ratings hit

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I think it's great that "The Big Bang Theory" is a ratings hit

I've only seen a few episodes of that show here and there due to time constraints, however I've enjoyed every minute of it.


It actually got over 16 million viewers this week, which means people are liking it, and more than that I think it will have a cultural impact.

It is a far more accurate representation of young scientists than the previous portrayal of record by an American sitcom, Steve Urkel. My friends and I are not as over the top all the time the BBT characters, but it happens frequently, which is why the jokes are funny.They're funny because they're true.



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 Ha ha.   I loved that episode. 

 I started watching the show about a year ago maybe a bit longer.  I had seen ads for it but just never checked it out. When I finally did I was hooked.  I think whatever show I watched had some obscure references to D&D or that type of game which were so funny.  For me it's not so much the portrayal of science but just the general 'geek' factor that's not just a you say Apples, a Steve Urkel type.   I can relate a lot to the show which maybe is a little scary.  :D