Kerrang and Terrorizer both honor Behemoth

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Kerrang and Terrorizer both honor Behemoth

Check out both articles at and if you still haven't heard the masterwork Evangelion this is a treat you can't afford to miss. Leave all misconceptions at the temple door.

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Papal Bull

I listened to them way back in the day. I had a big time black metal and death metal phase. I managed to get in the range of hundreds of albums dedicated to the genre and managed to sell them all for more than I bought 'em for, as a complete collection of various artists. It was pretty bomb diggity. I still kept a few of my faves, including the limited edition Exhumed Slaughterkult saw CD (the CD is shaped like a saw - the band's optics are just way out). Oh boy, the stuff I can tell you about XXXXXXXXXXXXTREEEEME metal.


Does anyone have any suggestions for bands in this genre that actually sing? I'm afraid the whole growling and screaming thing leaves me cold after a while.


Me too Doug. I'm not sure though which bands don't have those horrible growling or screaming voices.

I'm sure Papa Bull will know better than me. The closet I come to that kind of metal is Entombed and Cathedral (and of course Pentegram and Penance) and some Mastrodom.




No. I would say now you've got a double scream growl my sac is in the acid bath please cauterize my balls with a blow torch kind of feel to it. It gives you the impression there is a conversation going on between student and master, but that doesn't mean there aren't rifferiffic sing along in the shower groovin' guitar solo's and melodies. Ruination by job for a cowboy and carve out the eyes of god by goatwhore are examples of a subculture in full swing, there is no turning back. Don't get me wrong say good bye to rap, hiphop etc metal is going global PERIOD! Checkout the upcoming Dethklok/ Mastodon concert on Oct 4 Vancouver bc at the orpheum. Google dethklok to see the episodes totally cool. Mastodon's new album Crack the Skye is A+. I would call them more prog-metal like Tool. Mastodon's video Oblivion won Kerrang's vid of the year award. Check it out!