Male Player Culture and Sexual Attitudes Toward Women

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strangers they might be but you are sharing a private space, so maybe you do share some right to cross into their private worlds. I still don't know what motivated them to have that conversation, what other things were going on in ther life that made have made them just want to have a stupid conversation and I don't know why they felt the need to 'perform' so without condoning their behaviour I don't personally feel I can judge them as people.

Another tangent I'd like to take is to question the rights of celebrities to be respected?  A celebrity, at least one who has chosen to pursue a career of fame, is a person who has chosen to give their persona to the culture; they are not really people they are symbolic tools which should be used to serve the peoples needs.  If they were talking like this about the actual people in the establishment I'd say no question someone needs to put them in their place. However, given they were talking about symbolic cultural tools I am more interested in understanding what cultural need they were trying to satiate with that conversation.  y'all should know by now I like to knock celebrity culture more than real people.

I have enough trouble keeping myself and my friends organized so if it were me I probably wouldn't confront the group of strangers. If my aim was the comfort of my partner I'd probably choose to go somewhere more comfortable.  If I were for some reason taken by the inspiration to act as a steward of masculinity I'm not sure I'd know the best way to go about doing that.  I'd probably have my above questions in mind so I'd try to be friendly with them...maybe express my own ideas of beauty....for example around 2001 when I worked in an office and the nice boy in the cubicle behind me put up celebrity chicks as his desktop image I'd replace the image with one that had a moustache drawn over it.....well that was probably still a little too confrontational and less effective in it of itself at sparking a serious conversation then I'd hope is possible. I never apologized and we did manage to forage a genuine if not deep friendship with each other despite that..we even had some deeper conversations about love in the 'safety' of his car...but I'm still just imagining what is possible. What's possible?