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George Victor

This Is It! World Premiere of 'Capitalism: A Love Story' Tonight ...a message from Michael Moore

Sunday, September 6th, 2009




Well, this is it!

Tonight, at the Venice Film Festival, I will premiere my new movie, "Capitalism: A Love Story." After 16 months of production, I am proud to present this work of mine to you. It is unlike anything you'll see on the silver screen this year.

Twenty years ago this week I premiered my first film, "Roger & Me." Tonight, my new film will premiere at the oldest film festival in the world, the Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy. It is an incredible honor they've bestowed on us, and we feel very privileged to be able to present "Capitalism: A Love Story" tonight in Venice.

The director of the festival said that our movie was "incredibly symphonic" and that he was moved by its epic nature. Jeez, these Italians! Everything's an opera to them!

But seriously, I do believe we've made something that will knock your socks off. I showed it to a friend of mine last week and he said, "It's your most dangerous film yet." (But I assure you, you'll be completely safe watching it in your local theater.)

I've kept a pretty tight lid on what we've been up to while making this movie and you're about to see exactly what that means. It isn't easy, in the age of YouTube and the internet, to keep something like this under wraps, but we've pulled it off and I can't wait to show you this latest effort of mine.

So wish us well tonight. We'll be home soon to open the movie all across the country (September 23rd in New York and L.A., October 2nd everywhere else).


I'll leave you with a quote from Thomas Jefferson: "Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies."


Michael Moore

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Crucially, Moore (or at least his researchers) has done a fine job in ferreting out the human stories behind the headlines. None of these is so horrifyingly absurd as the tale of the privatised youth detention centre in Pennsylvania, run with the help of a crooked local judge who railroaded kids through his court for a cut of the profits. Some 6,500 children were later found to have been wrongly convicted for such minor infractions as smoking pot and "throwing a piece of steak at my mom's boyfriend". The subsequent bill for their incarceration went directly to the taxpayer.

Moore's conclusion? That capitalism is both un-Christian and un-American, an evil that deserves not regulation but elimination. [url=http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2009/sep/06/capitalism-love-story-review]- from the Guardian's review[/url]

I just wish Michael Moore would watch his own damn movies. Thay are politically better than he is.

George Victor


Papal Bull

I thought this was going to be about Halloween 2 :(

George Victor

The AFL-CIO appreciated a showing of Capitalism: A Love Story


"But it wasn't till last night, at the annual convention of the AFL-CIO in downtown Pittsburgh, PA, that a packed house of rank-and-file union members -- plumbers and nurses and steelworkers and 73 other trades -- watched the U.S. premiere of our film and, I kid you not, the roof practically came off the place as the credits rolled. I've never witnessed, in my 20 years as a filmmaker, such a response to one of my movies. I'm sure the theater management must have been thinking a riot was going to break out. After years of having the crap kicked out of working people of this country, the crowd in Pittsburgh was ready to rumble after watching two hours of cinema that laid it all out about how Corporate America has gotten away with murder. I was profoundly moved by this overwhelming and enthusiastic response. I simply can't wait to bring this movie to your town and for you to see it! I know you will be shocked and surprised by a lot of what you will see in it. Once again, I've set out to show you things the nightly news doesn't dare show you. There will be some very wealthy men who will not be happy about this film's release. So be it. It's a free country, but more importantly, it's OUR country. It doesn't belong to the richest 1% who now -- are you ready for this -- have more financial wealth than the entire bottom 95% of the country combined!!

"Last night Jay Leno premiered his new prime time show on NBC. His in-studio guest was Jerry Seinfeld. Tonight (Tuesday), for his second show, his guest is... me! I know -- that's crazy. My friends are taking bets on the exact hour today the executives at G.E. will call and pull the plug on this insanity. Or not.

"Assuming that doesn't happen, I invite you to tune in at 10pm ET/PT, 9pm CT/MT. I'll show, for the first time on national TV, a scene from the movie -- and I might have another surprise for you.