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@ Pogo. Food bank stories come under PR. Basically this is just social work, if they were doing it in the line of duty, if not just people volunteering for stuff. Does the qualification of being police add extra quality to the work that they are doing?

Shouldn't social work be the real aim of the "police"? If you look at my post number 1, I specifically suggest that social work would be an alternate career of former police officers. Really need to start thinking outside of the box here.

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RevolutionPlease wrote:

Man, this is too much.  Is it not simple that a well providded for people will not need much policing?

Yes I think we all agree with that.  I do want to point out that your statement says "not much policing".  That is a heck of a lot different than no policing.

Out here in BC most of the Gulf Islands do not have a permanent police force and they get along just fine - most of the time.   Even though they have the social benefits that come wth low density, 'crime' still happens.  It is pretty hard to blame the murders and domestic violence on a non existent police force, they usually arrive long after the act.

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Which is also true most other places. So again, what are they really good for?