Bloc Throws Hail Mary In New Attack Ad Against Mulcair & NDP

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Bloc Throws Hail Mary In New Attack Ad Against Mulcair & NDP



A vote for Thomas Mulcair and the NDP means a vote for pipelines and niqabs — and possibly even a niqab pipeline — the Bloc Québecois warn in a new ad.

Watch for yourself below

This is a Hail Mary

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It's very desperate. The Bloc is irrelevant. I think even Gilles will resign to that fact.

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Yeah, they are desperate, but this is beyond the pale. 


MONTREAL — A Montreal-area Bloc Quebecois candidate has apologized for a Facebook post she wrote in support of an event hosted by a group that opposes the "Islamization" of Quebec.

Chantal St-Onge took to Facebook on Saturday to say she was "profoundly sorry" for a comment she wrote Sept. 13 in support of a demonstration hosted by the Quebec chapter of the European right-wing group Pegida.

St-Onge said she thought she was endorsing an anti-austerity protest and did not look carefully at who was hosting it.

"Today, I was told the invitation was given by a group I didn't know," she wrote. "I am a woman who is open to diversity, and to me we are all Quebecers regardless of our origin, our colour or other."

She went on to say she was "devastated" that people now believe she is associated with the group.

On Sept. 13, St-Onge commented on a Facebook invitation she had received for Pegida Quebec's Sept. 26 event, titled "rally against political austerity and religious law 59 (sharia)."

St-Onge wrote that she could not attend the event because of a wedding, but "I am with you with all with all my heart!"



Ethan Cox of ricochet has an interesting take on this:

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This is clearly a pitch for the Adequiste/Caciquiste voters. If any Bloc MPs are elected as a result of this, they will be sitting as a party of the right.

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And it should be a clear reminder to all Quebec voters that the Bloc wants to keep Canada under a Conservative government, because the election of any government that rejects the brutal Conservative approach to social and economic policy destoys the main argument for voting Bloc: that Quebec, with its progressive, humanist sensibilities, will have no chance of seeing those sensibilities actually inform what goes on in the Quebec government unless actual independence from Canada occurs.


lagatta wrote:
Ethan Cox of ricochet has an interesting take on this:


it is interesting.

is it true what he says about why Bloc voters switched to the NDP?

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lagatta wrote:

Ethan Cox of ricochet has an interesting take on this:


It’s the continuation of an existential crisis that began in 2008 when the breakdown of coalition negotiations made clear to Quebecers that the rest of the country was unwilling to accept a government that included the Bloc in any capacity. Before that many Quebecers voted Bloc in the hope they could participate in a coalition government with a party like the Liberals or New Democrats.

In 2011 Quebecers moved en masse from the 20-year-old protest party to the NDP, and so far show no signs of buyer's remorse. The increasingly strident and emotional appeals for sovereigntists to come home to the Bloc appear to be falling on deaf ears.

I find this analysis rings true and goes along way to explaining a factor in the Orange Wave that broke over Quebec last election. Do our Quebec posters agree with it?