Crooked Ukraine: the Canadian connection - call for a public inquiry

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'Ukraine is the Only Country in the World Except Israel, Where President and Prime Minister are Jewish by Origin'

"Now comes the question: Will Zelenskiy reverse Ukraine's state-sponsored glorification of Nazi collaborators pursued under Poroshenko...?"


Ukraine Reform Conference

"From July 2 to 4, Canada will host and co-chair the third Ukraine Reform Conference in Toronto, Ontario..."


Innovation, Opportunity & Democracy in Ukraine


"Ukraine Health Minister Ulana Suprun writes that 'today in our country we need people like Roman Shukhevych.' Roman Shukhevych was a Ukrainian nationalist, Nazi collaborator and war criminal, responsible for murdering thousands of Jews and tens of thousands of ethnic Poles in WWII."

Sounds like a very unhealthy Health minister, Ukraine Reform Conference.

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I just found "Servant of the People" on Netflix. The first episode was pretty fucking funny. It's portrayal of the Ukrainian political scene was not a glowing endorsement of their electoral system.


Helmer: Will the Ukraine Parliament Election Reverse the Maidan Putsch, Drive the Galicians from Power?

"...The message from Ukrainian democracy, 'alive and kicking' according to Freeland in Toronto, is that ending the civil war is far more important to most Ukrainians right now than ending the oligarchs' role in Ukrainian politics - on condition the oligarchs also back an end to the war. If the pre-election poll results materialize on July 21, there will be minimal support in the new Verkhovna Rada for the US-Canadian war. That is unless Freeland and Volker can rig the vote on July 21; intimidate Zelensky and remove Kolomoisky."


Just Another Day in Canada-Backed Ukraine..

"Popular Ukrainian TV channel shelled by Grenade Launcher to prevent its broadcast today of US documentary by Oliver Stone. It would reveal involvement of Maidan snipers in Maidan massacre. Would there by any reaction from US government?"

Or the Canadian government? Or the 'opposition'? Unlikely.  Which is why we've already spent a billion on Ukraine, sent Canadian Forces to train and arm neo-Nazis there  and Freeland just committed us to $50 million more for this sinkhole of corruption.