Crooked Ukraine: the Canadian connection - call for a public inquiry

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'Ukraine is the Only Country in the World Except Israel, Where President and Prime Minister are Jewish by Origin'

"Now comes the question: Will Zelenskiy reverse Ukraine's state-sponsored glorification of Nazi collaborators pursued under Poroshenko...?"


Ukraine Reform Conference

"From July 2 to 4, Canada will host and co-chair the third Ukraine Reform Conference in Toronto, Ontario..."


Innovation, Opportunity & Democracy in Ukraine


"Ukraine Health Minister Ulana Suprun writes that 'today in our country we need people like Roman Shukhevych.' Roman Shukhevych was a Ukrainian nationalist, Nazi collaborator and war criminal, responsible for murdering thousands of Jews and tens of thousands of ethnic Poles in WWII."

Sounds like a very unhealthy Health minister, Ukraine Reform Conference.

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I just found "Servant of the People" on Netflix. The first episode was pretty fucking funny. It's portrayal of the Ukrainian political scene was not a glowing endorsement of their electoral system.


Helmer: Will the Ukraine Parliament Election Reverse the Maidan Putsch, Drive the Galicians from Power?

"...The message from Ukrainian democracy, 'alive and kicking' according to Freeland in Toronto, is that ending the civil war is far more important to most Ukrainians right now than ending the oligarchs' role in Ukrainian politics - on condition the oligarchs also back an end to the war. If the pre-election poll results materialize on July 21, there will be minimal support in the new Verkhovna Rada for the US-Canadian war. That is unless Freeland and Volker can rig the vote on July 21; intimidate Zelensky and remove Kolomoisky."


Just Another Day in Canada-Backed Ukraine..

"Popular Ukrainian TV channel shelled by Grenade Launcher to prevent its broadcast today of US documentary by Oliver Stone. It would reveal involvement of Maidan snipers in Maidan massacre. Would there by any reaction from US government?"

Or the Canadian government? Or the 'opposition'? Unlikely.  Which is why we've already spent a billion on Ukraine, sent Canadian Forces to train and arm neo-Nazis there  and Freeland just committed us to $50 million more for this sinkhole of corruption.


How Canada Emerged As A Haven For Ukrainian Nazi Collaborators

"Earlier this month, Canada hosted the third Ukraine Reform Conference, a gathering of diplomats and officials from over 100 countries aimed at bringing Kiev even more directly under the geopolitical and economic domination of the western imperialist powers... But Canada's intimate alliance with far right Ukrainian nationalists did not begin in 2014, or even Dec.1991, when Canada became the first western country to recognize Ukraine as a sovereign state. In the decades following WWII, Canada became a haven for far-right Ukrainian nationalists, many of whom had collaborated with the Nazis..."


Oh Oh Canada!

"Oh Canada? Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine and Canadian military honor OUN fighters. OUN collaborated with the Nazis and its militia was involved with the Holocaust..."


'Independent' Ukraine?

"Who is running Ukraine? IMF, Canada & US. EU support closely coordinated..."



"Canadian head of Ukrainian nationalists Paul Grod [World Ukrainian Congress] with Stephen Harper - With the president of Ukraine Zelensky."


Reminder: "Ukraine's first Jewish president just reappointed the Interior Ministry good who protects these nazis."

Hey, as long as they all hate Russia who cares, right?


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NDPP you might read a bit more about the Servant of the People. Nothing I have read says that Zelenski is anything other than a secular person of Jewish descent so I find it a little dog whistling to highlight that aspect of the man.

Watch his show it is a wonderful sociological study of his country as good comedy always is. It remains to be seen what he can accomplish but now he has a party in their parliament to back him up. The comedy show is all about him getting elected President and then having to deal with a culture that is jaded and cynical and trusts nothing because crime does pay in the Ukraine. As a writer and producer he has shown he understands the corruption.

Watching this show also gave me a good sense of what the voters thought they would be getting when they gave him a majority in parliament after he was stymied as a President with no party. It will be interesting to see how he does. I was very impressed to see that the fascists were totally rejected electorally in the last election. They are paid thugs not a sign of a fascist people.



I've seen the netflix sitcom and highly recommend it. It's hilarious. I also know a little of  the network that produced the show and the chequered history of the powerful oligarch that owns it, Ihor Kolomoisky. Much of the following has already been posted in the main Ukraine thread, but since you perhaps suggest a minimal, declining influence of Ukrainian fascism and ultranationalism since Zelensky's election victory, I suggest that at the least that's not entirely clear.


Is This Man The Most Powerful Jew in the World? (2014)

"...Kolomoisky was photographed wearing a particularly scandalous T-shirt. It combined the Jewish emblem of the menorah along with the Ukrainian ultranationalist symbol of a trident, and all in red and black. Beneath it said 'Zhidobandera' - an amalgamation of a Russian-Ukrainian word for Jews, normally regarded as derogatory, and the name of Stepan Bandera, the most controversial figure in Ukraine's history..."


Billionaire Ukrainian Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky Under Investigation by FBI

"...The oligarch, whose net worth Forbes places at $1.2 billion, lives in Tel Aviv, according to the FT...On March 31, comedian Volodymr Zelensky won the first round in the presidential election and will face incumbent Petro Poroshenko in a runoff on April 21. Zelensky won the first round in the presidential election and will face incumbent Petro Poroshenko on April 21. Zelensky is famous for starring in a Ukrainian sitcom called Servant of the People, now showing on Netflix, as a schoolteacher who inadvertently becomes the country's president. Kolomoisky owns the TV channel that airs Zelensky's show and Poroshenko has called  him 'a puppet of Kolomoisky'...

'I think Kolomoisky is super-dangerous...He is probably one of the most dangerous oligarchs because he's one of the ones who's willing to get his hands dirty.' Brunson pointed to Kolomoisky's role in funding the ultra-far-right Azov batallion, a group of Ukrainian fighters alleged to have ties to American white supremacists; per RFE/RL..."


"Zelensky leaves Avakov as powerful Minister of Internal Affairs. Parliamentary deputy from Zelensky's ruling party explains this by a coup plot allegedly prepared by Poroshenko in Ukraine. Avakov is a patron of neo-Nazi Azov regiment and its spin-offs."


"Most members of [the] new Ukraine government, including internal affairs, defense and finance served in the Poroshenko government. This is another indication that Zelensky continues Poroshenko policies and tries to cast himself as Poroshenko light."


As for the Canadian connection to all this, as per the thread, it remains stronger than ever and was recently reiterated yet again by both Trudeau and Freeland. Under Ukraine's new president Zelensky, Canada is still training Azov Nazis for NATO, whether Canadians understand the reality of fascism and the power relations in Ukraine, are in denial, or are paying any attention whatsoever.

"A very dangerous precedent has been created: Effectively, Canada has become a party to the internal Ukrainian conflict with all ensuing consequences. And this, above all, means that it assumes responsibility for the actions of the Ukrainian forces, trained by Canadian instructors and equipped with Canadian weapons" - Franz Klintsevich, vice chairman, Russian federation council committee for Defense and Security.

'Azov Graduates from the 1st NATO commanding standards course received this...'