Federal NDP candidates 2015 part 2

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David Young

Thanks to the Pundit's Guide, I see that the NDP has already nominated 81 female candidates of 197 so far, 41.1%.

As yet, the Conservatives have only nominated 44 females candidates of 232, 19%.

And the Liberals, who have the most candidates nominated so far?  Only 78 out of 240 are female, 32.5%.

So much for Justin (It-For-Me) Trudeau's boast about making female candidates a priority.




For some reason, Alice has not updated the running totals of nominations on Pundit's Guide for the past few weeks.

FWIW, I think NDP nominations are now up around 210-215. The LPC numbers have also climbed, - the CPCs not so much. (Or perhaps their numbers are not being fully captured. Hard to tell.)  

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Hell-o everybody I know kind of disapered from rabble for a while but i've been busy. I'm glad to see my Original topic has continued on for a part two

(Federal NDP Candidates 2015 Part.2) Laughing

If anybody was wondering who there ndp candidate is for the next election and want to find out more info about them checkout the new www.ndp.ca/candidates section on the parties website and inform yourself..


Continued here.


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