Climate science in the Day after tomorrow

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CMOT Dibbler
Climate science in the Day after tomorrow


CMOT Dibbler

I was watching the Day after tomorrow last night with one of my aides. I was wondering about the accuracy of the climate science in that film. Could a climate catastrophe happen on that scale, in that short of a time, or is Hollywood once again, ignoring science in favor of entertainment?



Originally posted by CMOT Dibbler:
Could a climate catastrophe happen on that scale,



in that short of a time,

No, but a lot could happen in a short period of time.

My best advice for those who wish to understand the science behind the catastrophism view of climate change (vs the gradualism view) and how quickly it might get very bad would be to read Pearce's "With Speed and Violence: Why Scientists Fear Tipping Points in Climate Change"


I think that a decline of 20% wrt world GDP's might be catastrophic enough to warrant action. Two degrees centigrade is said to be the buffer between current temperatures and dangerous and irreversible climate change.


"The Day After Tomorrow" is the winner of the Worst Physics in a Movie award. Even beat "The Core".

Drowning New York in high water and having an ice sheet show up is pure contradiction. The water is either in the higher ocean or in the ice sheet. Can't be both.

The helicopter scene is spectacular foolishness. Partly it's a confusion between temperature and heat. The idea that cold air will come down from the upper atmosphere and freeze things on the surface is just silly. Even given very low temperature upon high, the much higher density of air at the surface will keep the temperature their from falling much. Not to mention the winds and pressure changes involved in that scenario.

And as Canadians we should really understand what happens when you touch an outdoor metal doorknob with your bare hands in the winter.

But hey, the tornadoes taking out Los Angeles were cool.

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I enjoyed the movie, simply for what it was, and didn't take too much from the science.

[url=]IMDB has a great list of goofs[/url]

After Armageddon I gave up on Hollywood even checking with a grad 3 science department for their movies