Grandmother Mary Whiteduck assaulted by Quebec provincial police SQ agents and is now hospitalized

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Grandmother Mary Whiteduck assaulted by Quebec provincial police SQ agents and is now hospitalized


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The Anishinabe Traditional Council of Elders
Message from Solomon Wawatie **Status Urgent**

Elder named Mary Whiteduck was assaulted by the surety du Quebec while taking her friend because she forbid the logging companies from cutting on her traditional territory, the sq told us its no longer our traditional territory, and now its public Territory, ,if anyone can talk some senses to the government please do now quickly, because we are not standing down, something is coming and we are getting ready for the survival of our DNA ,our grandchildren and the future Generations to come to survive, Mother Earth need us desperately meegwetch for the listeners, and the doers. This is Happening Now in Parc La Verendrye, 100 km's North of Maniwaki...
Par : Julie Marion

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"URGENT CALL!!! Traditional Anishnabe Grandmother hospitalized after police aggression, for protecting her homeland from clear cut!

Photo: Kokom Mary Whiteduck, from an interview I took with her last August at the Call of the Wolf, Return to the Sacred Hoop. Although many Anishnabe from surrounding communities welcomed us, she was our m...ain host for the gathering since our welcome center was in her front yard. On the first day of the gathering, tribal council and government agents came to hold a political reunion just a few yards from the welcome center and Kokom Whiteduck's house. The traditional Anishnabe came and asked that meeting to leave the grounds, being seen as interference with our starting gathering. After the intruders took off, the traditional council met under Kokom Mary's round lodge with the two government agents trying to buy off their agreement to clear cut the area. The Council of Traditional Algonquin Elders made it clear that their ancestral homeland and the life therein is not for sale and they would protect it. The resistance against logging company has been going on for decades in La Verendrye Reserve, including blockades, arrests and trials...

Yesterday, Grandmother Mary Whiteduck was assaulted on her land by Quebec provincial police SQ agents and she is now hospitalized. This crime is unacceptable. Please support Kokom Mary and the Council of Traditional Algonquin Elders in saving their forests..."   Julie Marion


LWB do you have a link for this? Or any site where we can support you?

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Apparently there is a media blackout on this - so this facebook link is all I can find.


Hey its a start

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Thanks for letting us know about this, lonewolfbunn.

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[This is a little of the history.]

August 31, 2000

- via M. Manatch, First Nations Technical Institute at Tyendinaga

"[This community has] been struggling with the Quebec MNR and Domtar to stop the clear cutting of their entire traditional territory. Kokomville is located within a wildlife reserve. The Quebec MNR have stated that the wildlife reserve is for the preservation of the animals and not their habitat. The MNR issued permits for Domtar to clear cut 100% of the park.

The Kokomville Algonquins have set up a peaceful checkpoint to stop loggers from going in. A second check point was set up in Gameh. After the loggers left Kokomville, they went to another part of the Algonquin trapping grounds and started cutting there. The community members have tried to stop there. But, with little success.

The SQ have threatened to come in using "any force necessary" to remove the check points from both locations... Did you know that 40% of Domtar is owned by the Quebec government's civil servants through their pension plan?... by the way they are looking for donations, especially food, gas and any kind of cameras and video equipment. Taping everything has seemed to help keep the SQ and the loggers from being violent. A charitable tax receipt is possible
Sûréte du Québec to arrest 60 year old woman for defending her home.

Sept. 9, 2000

Mary Whiteduck is trying to save her home from Domtar. She and her family have created a checkpoint on Lake Larive to stop the international logging company from clear-cutting it. The timber from the La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve where Mary Whiteduck lives, is turned into newsprint and used for printing newspapers.

The Sûréte du Québec have issued a warrant for her arrest. The Quebec provincial police will come in Monday morning (Sept 11th) to arrest her and her family. This is the second checkpoint to be created in an ongoing battle with Domtar.

The first checkpoint was created in Kokomville. Jacob Wawatie, official spokesperson for Whiteduck and the Nottaway family, will also be arrested Monday morning. The Nottaway family are the official caretakers of the Gull Lake area. Domtar has permits from the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources to clear cut 100% of La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve where both Lake Larive and Gull Lake are located.

According to the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources, there is no environmental impact study required to clear-cut La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve. These illegal clear-cutting practices have been condemned by the Superior Court of Québec. Judge Croteau decreed in December 1999 that the Forestry Management permit in a wildlife reserve were unconstitutional. The Ministry of Natural Resources and the industrials must submit their memoirs to explain these illegal permissive practices.

Whiteduck and Wawatie both filed complaints against Domtar in an attempt to stop the cutting. The crown attorney dismissed both complaints. However, complaints filed against Whiteduck and Wawatie by Domtar have been accepted. The warrants will be presented Monday morning by the Sûréte du Québec. Up to 40% of Domtar shares are owned by Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec, the pension plan for Quebec government civil servants.

Says Whiteduck, "Let them take me. I'm not afraid of going to jail. They've taken everything I have. There is nothing left for me to lose." --- For more information: Jacob Wawatie (819) 449-9616; (819) 441-7699; Mary Whiteduck (613) 847-0317

PLEASE NOTE: From information received from Monique Manatch on Sept. 13th, Mary Whiteduck and Jacob Wawatie were both arrested. There were 6 other arrests in Lake Larive. Mary has been released but, they were still hold-ing Jacob in Val D'or; it is uncertain when he would be released. Authorities are threatening to hold him until December."

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NOTE that post #7 does not refer to the current situation but relates to previous events.


This rally happened yesterday in front of Montréal's Palais de Justice - there's an English version at the link:

And there's some video from APTN here:


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Any sign the new PQ government will take a different attitude on the logging issue?  Did they mention it during the campaign?