Green sleeping

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Green sleeping

It seems sleeping on Soya bean oil based foam mattresses has come into vogue recently.

Now when I think of soy I think 90%+ GMO and displaced people in Paraguay.  I guess the image of soy is still strongly associated with earnest nature loving vegetarian in the public psyche and this somehow means that even those who refuse to eat tofu might still feel better about themselves sleeping on it.

Foamite Industries Inc a local mattress maker, which actually appears to be doing some interesting things in terms of moving away from PBDE's, is an example of a company which seems to be pushing the green angle on this product.  Their web site is littered with phrases like 'preserve nature', 'go green', 'Join us in our commitment to respect environmental values. Act now and help to preserve all our futures.'  I emailed them about my concerns with the soy industry a received no response.

What do you think, is this a vile example of green-washing or is there something I'm missing?

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