Nuclear Waste

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Nuclear Waste

Check it out. Because the town is small and people move to the cities, the industry moves to get rid of their waste there!


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I've been to Hornepayne several times in the early 1990s, and I'd be surprised if there's really much support for a nuclear dump there.

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No matter how remote, sparsely populated, or desperate the local economy may be, nobody should live anywhere near this toxic shit-- especially children.


Hanford Nuclear Waste Leak Raises Questions About US Nuclear Safety (and vid)

"A nuclear scientist says if the US 'cold war mentality and escalating arms buildup' were to continue at the present rate - similar crises such as the Hanford nuclear leakage would be just around the corner..."

what a nasty mess - clearly the Columbia R is toast...


The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump: Ontario Power Generation's Plan to Bury Nuclear Waste on Shores of Lake Huron

a nuke processing plant in downtown TO and now this. We are rolling some very dangerous dice here...