Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico Part 3

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Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico Part 3
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A brown pelican is mired in heavy oil on the beach at East Grand Terre Island along the Louisiana coast on Thursday, June 3, 2010. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) #


The grasses by the shore were littered with tarred marine life, some dead and others struggling under a thick coating of crude.

"When you see some of the things I've seen, it would make you sick," the contractor said. "No living creature should endure that kind of suffering."

Read more: Dying, dead marine wildlife paint dark, morbid picture of Gulf Coast following oil spill


It's weird how focused the media is on what gimmicks BP are pulling day to day to stem the flow. How about some coverage of the damage that's already been done? It seems like the storyline is suggesting that if they can just stem the flow the crisis will be over. What they should be doing is covering the fact that no matter what anybody does now it's a huge huge disaster.

The real story is that the Gulf coast will be devastated for years to come, and if a Hurricane hits this thing will get way worse. Stemming the flow will not make this go away.


Yes Obama is Engaged in a Colossal Crime


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Set location for Rochester NY and you will see that the area of the oil spill is now larger than Lake Ontario.


And check this:

Goldman Sachs sold 44% of its BP Stock, Three weeks before the Oil Rig disaster.


 Wed, 06/02/2010 - 08:35

Want Proof? HERE IT IS... http://moneycentral.msn.com/ownership?Holding=Institutional+... This is a list of the institutional owners of BP stock. This is NOT private owners. There are 350 million shares of BP. Financial Institutions own roughly 40% of BP. Goldman Sachs (on March 31st) owned 6 million shares...after it sold 4.7 Million shares. WHAT DID THEY KNOW?






Who might be capable of sabotaging an ocean and nations just for fun?


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that is an interesting addition tigana ty.

Star Spangled C...

The oil spill is apparently now bigger than Lake Ontario...


For some reason, I am fascinated with the video of the ROVs at work in the Gulf. I promise to stop posting these links after this last one, because this has links to all the ROV cameras [only some of them are on at any given time].

Mother of All ROV video links> http://www.bp.com/genericarticle.do?categoryId=9033572&contentId=7062605


I don't think the conspiracy theories about the spill are going to get much traction. You know me, a conspiracy wonk - I would love it if there was something to suck on here, but I don't see it.

1] Goldman-Sachs selling BP stock was probably just normal trading;

2] even though BP is creating a separate division for the spill operation, it doesn't separate the main BP from costs or guilt,

3] That Obama is "Engaged" is certainly true, but this idea is not a conspiracy about the spill exactly, it is more the general idea of corporate rule. My hopes for Obama to fight for common people over corporate powers was dashed early on; he has proven himself to be a total "establishment guy" who is going to keep the same old Elite Wealthy Corporate Rule politics going


But sure, the spill does offer us the opportunity to talk about what that article says {maybe the moderator wants to start a different thread for this?} - "Huge corporations are empowered to seek profits with absolutely no regard for the consequences to Earth or Man." Obama is not going to advance the cause much...

In Canada, any politician running for the Liberals and the Conservatives will be a corporate minion; in the USA it is even more obvious that any Democrat or Republican is a corporate minion too. Any major party who has been in power at all in the past 20 years will be a corporate apologist, willing to advance their crimes against environment and humanity.

So until "we the people" stop giving those types the power by voting for one or the other of them, we cannot expect meaningfull change.

What will it take to make change happen? Half of "we the people" don't even bother voting - the movement has to get them involved, there has to be some way of getting the disaffected ones to vote for a third party. The NDP have failed to rouse them in Canada...

INDEPENDENTS!! Imagine a Cdn Parliament with 400 independant MPs!! Could they form a coalition and appoint a PM? - does our constitution allow for that? Would the "Independent Party" be able to resist corruption/threats?

ENERGY might be the key to the revolution. If the monopoly of 'fossil fuels as our main source of energy' is broken by ordinary people owning renewable energy gear, powering their own homes and electric cars, we will have made progress in wrestling the power from the cabal. The next step might be about illegal drugs, which is the worlds 2nd largest industry - we should just grow our own, and stop supporting organised crime [which is a major source of income for banks and the financial industry]


TALK!! - if we could get the watercooler conversations to include the idea of ending corporate rule and giving average people a proper slice of the prosperity pie that the Elites are eating, we just might get those independents elected!!



Noah_Scape wrote:

INDEPENDENTS!! Imagine a Cdn Parliament with 400 independant MPs!! Could they form a coalition and appoint a PM? - does our constitution allow for that? Would the "Independent Party" be able to resist corruption/threats?

There are two legislatures with all independents. You should be able to guess which ones. I believe the constitution would allow for it; the independents would just meet and decide who the Prime Minister was. Not sure about the Leader of the Opposition though. The Canadian constitution is still composed partly of unwritten components.

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BP was a company committed to going beyond petroleum; read about John Browne here:



UPDATE: BP CEO Hayward sold his company shares for millions weeks before disaster


A little speculation: Could this be sabotage? Are Soros and Obama Dr. Evil and Mini Me? 

Link to Canada Free Press, apologies



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http://aslwww.cr.usgs.gov/Seismic_Data/telemetry_data/DWPF_24hr.html This USGS chart is a report from near the Gulf of Mexico - at the Florida Disney Wildlife Preserve. A great deal of oil and gas have been displaced from the Deepwater Horizon and this may have serious geological consequences.

Interpretation: 6.0 and  lots of duration? 


the good news is on the radio tv- bp is fixing the problem (move along, nada to see here) ...i hate to say it, but i wish the thing would come alive, a superblob, and rip up the southern, rednecki USA, and all them rightwing bastards who have the nerve to believe foxnews/cnn/abc/pbs/cbc (the Ad Nazism media) despite grim reality lurking hungrily just outside the door...

The oil spill is like junyer bush- like geedubia gushing so much damage a lib/lefty gets to like it/him! I LOVE GW BUSH, and miss him so much! The gulf oil spill reminds me of Junyer- that smarmy, kiddyboy smirk and wiggle in the arse with sighs tossed over the shoulder,  taunting we 'bottom dwellers' as we curse him....hahaha. I WANNA be taunted! more, not less dammit. (goddam newsmedia, playing down junyer's lates gaffes and catastrophes!)

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Yeah ... right ...


BP is capturing a third of the gusher, assuming you trust their numbers which would probably be a bad idea. It's not over yet.


However, some people might be overreacting:


A growing conversation among Christian fundamentalists asks the question that may have been inevitable: is the oil spill in the gulf a sign of the coming apocalypse?


God is punishing those terrible Americans for their travesties once again. Laughing


When are the major environmentailist organizations going to provide us with a list of all the American politicians who voted to put a cap on oil company's liabilities?

Obviously all these corporate sleazeballs need to be defeated in the next election.


And here we go... Who would have thought it would be this soon?

Premier Danny Williams, bless him for what he has done for Nlfd-Lbdr., but he came out today and said that demanding a relief well when drilling offshore "would dramatically increase the cost of drilling", and something about "prohibitive costs", "it will discourage exploration" and so on.

It won't be prohibitive, it would be $100 Million extra per well, and those wells produce $billions of oil. I understand that the complaint is that not all wells hit oil and so they won't get anything to cover those doubled drilling costs. But take a look at bottom lines of companies like BP or Exxon and there is no doubt that it all comes out pretty favourably, like $10 Billion in profits per year, year after year. 

They send out $100 million on dividends every quarter fer gads sake.

  Asking some for protection from the mess in the Gulf of Mexico seems like a reasonable expense compared to that kind of money.




Rest assured that while BP's CEO is stating publicly there will be no dividend reduction, he and his fellow executives, and insiders, are quietly unloading as much stock as they can behind the scenes.


BP's PR campaign is now buying up search terms on the 'net. Who knew BP would do things like this rather than act responsibility. Laughing


BP = Big Pig

And Obama brings up "nuclear power as an alternative to oil" in response to the Gulf mess!! Only oil and nuclear have the potential to make this big a mess of things, so the lesson here should be to stay away from risky energy when there are alternatives.


BP faces daunting Gulf liability costs

the dire prospect of the well gushing uncontrollably for another two months, spewing the equivalent of four Exxon Valdez loads of crude into the Gulf, renders all estimates of BP’s ultimate liability into pure speculation. The final tab could strain even BP’s considerable resources.

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So what is a 100 million for preventative then, and and why would it be prohibitive to development??

In actual fact, what should be prohibitive to development is  not spending that 100 million on best practises.

Shareholders need to start making demands, and that is why IMV, the BP executive sare saying profits won't be down, they want shareholders not to ask for best practises, and perhaps for the 'tax payers' to foot the actual bill not them.

Then tax payers, sick of footing the bill for the shareholders of these companies to make their  retirement packages better, need to slap laws into effect that penalize shareholders too, other than by way of their just forgoing profits. Even if they try to sell to avoid the financial meltdown, they need to be chased down and penalized.


Exon Valdez Lawyer: Louisianans, 'To Use A Legal Term, Are Just F--ked'


"And while the case against the oil company seems fairly clear cut, a lawyer with perhaps the most relevent experience on the matter at hand is painting a depressing picture about the litigation ahead. 'If you were affected in Louisiana, said Brian O'Neil, an attorney with the firm Faegre  and Benson, 'to use a legal term, you are just f--ked.'


Keep shorting that BP stock as it will soon be worthless.


BP Now Valued At Less Than Its Assets


Hayward is no hero, and he should do the resposible thing and resign.
Tony Hayward: How an affable geologist became America's most hated

On one side stands Barack Obama throwing insults at him, on the other BP shareholders




Is BP headed for bankruptcy?


Most likely - especially if it turns out that the oil slick annihilates tourism in Florida.



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save a 100million BP shareholders, so you get more mullah for your pension suppliment cheques, and this is what you get, loss of the whole damn thing.


It freakin looks good on BP shareholders,


Much like this whole h1n1 lying liars looks good on big pharma shareholders, I literally pray pretty much all damn day, that these companies go by the wayside and their shareholdrrs with them, and it looks like I may start believing in prayer, or at least positive visualization of all of the greedy ass wipes living in poverty on the streets..


Researchers have doubled estimates of how much oil has been spewing from a ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico, reporting Thursday that up to 40,000 barrels (1.7 million gallons) a day may have escaped for weeks.


No, really? But don't worry, next time they'll do better! Um...next time?


"We will learn so much more about measuring oil in the ocean that we will be able to do a much better job next time in terms of how we go about measuring the release of oil and the inventory of oil in the ocean."


NorthReport wrote:

BP's PR campaign is now buying up search terms on the 'net. Who knew BP would do things like this rather than act responsibility. Laughing


It's too bad the U.S. government won't put some kind of estopple on BP spending any money other than on clean up.


You can call me paranoid on this point, but I've been reading stuff on line in the last week or so that makes me wonder if there might be a more subtle PR campaign already launched by BP.


And that's journalists and such that savage BP, but end by saying, "but really, it's our insatiable demand for oil that lead to this".


It's quite the meme. 


That's right, NorthReport, you killed that pelican because you wanted the plastic keyboard with which you type all this stuff about BP.


I mean, we're all to blame, right?


Well, no.


BP's to blame.   







BP's probably on the verge of going under, but both USA & UK governments will not allow it to happen.


Gulf Oil Spill: Cleaning Animals Largely Futile, Scientist Says


BP should be forced to use every cent they have to shut off this oil flow. Could this eventually seep its way to Canada's East Coast?


Oil in gulf may be double initial estimate


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Doug wrote:

Researchers have doubled estimates of how much oil has been spewing from a ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico, reporting Thursday that up to 40,000 barrels (1.7 million gallons) a day may have escaped for weeks.


No, really? But don't worry, next time they'll do better! Um...next time?


"We will learn so much more about measuring oil in the ocean that we will be able to do a much better job next time in terms of how we go about measuring the release of oil and the inventory of oil in the ocean."


Yeah, and I really need a way to measure the pain I feel when I stab myself in the leg ... 'cause not stabbing myself in the leg never crossed my fucking mind.

What we need is a new measure of stupidity, because they just popped the top off any existing one.

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Extinction level event?


Scientist speaks about disaster on Coast to Coast- first of eight


Fumes make people ill


The short film BP doesn't want you to see



Found this on a blog,

"I've spent a lot of hours over the past few days reading at http://www.theoildrum.com/node/6566 which is a engineering and driller's discussion site. I have learned a lot.

It would be quite doable to cap the well; any number of good solutions have been offered. So why hasn't it been done? Well, :-) it appears that the real problem is not at the well head, the leaking riser; the problem is around 1000 feet deep in the well bore, where the casing has blown out and the oil is leaking off into the surrounding rock or fault lines; that is why there are plumes of oil coming up miles away from the well head. If the well head riser were to be sealed off, all of the oil and pressure (15,000 psi or so) would either divert into eroding a new channel to the surface, or possibly just blast the whole top assembly out of the sea floor. The consensus at the oildrum forum is the only solution to stop the well is to intersect the well bore below the blown out casing with a relief well, and use that to pump sealing mud in to kill the flow.

In the meantime, it's doubtful that the main flow is coming out of the well riser anyway, rather from some fault(s) in the sea floor that BP is not showing video of.

Here's a link to the MSDS safety data sheet for Corexit:


wv: greav
5:57 AM [[blogger.com]]
m_astera said...

Here's the right link for the MSDS info on Corexit 9500; not as scary as the other Corexit, so let's hope they really are using the 9500:




I am not certain who to believe but Harper says drilling is under control in Canada as CBC and local media downplay any risks involved  with off shore drilling.  I was taken aback when listening to the CNN a few days ago when reporting on the Gulf spill and how fortunate we all where it happened in the Gulf where Americans had the capabalities and not Canada where the wells aren't as deep as in Newfoundland where Canada has the deepest off shore wells creating immense risk for the Atlantic.


I was just reading the polls regarding the Gulf spill and lax regulations as majority feel its where the blame belongs.

So what about Canada as Alberta and BC  Preimers make it offical regulations are something Big Oil need not worry its little head over as bothersome regulations become something of the past as preimers sign TILMA to make it offical? 


ravenise did some good legwork to find this quote:

" it appears that the real problem is not at the well head, [or] the leaking riser; the problem is around 1000 feet deep in the well bore, where the casing has blown out and the oil is leaking off into the surrounding rock or fault lines"


And that explains a lot, like why the relief wells have to go 1000s of feet down below the ocean floor instead of just a few 100 feet to cement the original bore. Ok, so now I know.

It raises some questions too - like why the media, with all it's fancy graphics and detailed explanations of the operations to stop the oil, has NEVER MENTIONED THIS FACT.

And, does it mean that BP was negligent in setting the bore casing? Was that another shortcut they took?


The Spill, the Scandal and the President


"The inside story of how Obama failed to crack down on the corruption of the Bush years - and let the word's most dangerous oil company get away with murder.."

Black Waves (vid)


"A short video of new, heavy oil hitting the state beaches on Grand Isle, Louisiana Day 51, Deepwater Horizon oil spill.."



I was just looking around to get a good radar view of the weather here today, and came across this:




You might want to book mark it, to see where the oil goes in the coming months.


Welcome to the beautiful Florida beaches. Oops!



Gulf Oil Spill


Do people think if the USA EPA seriously had teeth this would ever have been allowed to happen.

What better example of the corporate takeover of our governments worldwide than this tragedy.

Has anyone seen the recent inteviews of the killed workers' families that were left behind?

There was a reason for the protests of the sixties.

Enjoy your future kids.


Can't get much sicker than this - thanks Obama.

BP Censoring Media, Destroying Evidence
In fact, people on the ground say things are out of control in the gulf.

Even worse, as my latest week of adventures illustrate, BP is using federal agencies to shield itself from public accountability.

For example, while flying on a small plane from New Orleans to Orange Beach, the pilot suddenly exclaimed, "Look at that!" The thin red line marking the federal flight restrictions of 3,000 feet over the oiled Gulf region had just jumped to include the coastal barrier islands off Alabama

"There's only one reason for that," the pilot said. "BP doesn't want the media taking pictures of oil on the beaches. You should see the oil that's about six miles off the coast," he said grimly. We looked down at the wavy orange boom surrounding the islands below us. The pilot shook his head. "There's no way those booms are going to stop what's offshore from hitting those beaches."

BP knows this as well -- boom can only deflect oil under the calmest of sea conditions, not barricade it -- so they have stepped up their already aggressive effort to control what the public sees.

At the same time I was en route to Orange Beach, Clint Guidry with the Louisiana Shrimp Association and Dean Blanchard, who owns the largest shrimp processor in Louisiana, were in Grand Isle taking Anderson Cooper out in a small boat to see the oiled beaches. The U.S. Coast Guard held up the boat for 20 minutes - an intimidation tactic intended to stop the cameras from recording BP's damage. Luckily for Cooper and the viewing public, Dean Blanchard is not easily intimidated.

A few days later, the jig was up with the booms. Oil was making landfall in four states and even BP can't be everywhere at once. CBS 60 Minutes Australia found entire sections of boom hung up in marsh grasses two feet above the water off Venice. On the same day on the other side of Barataria Bay, Louisiana Bayoukeeper documented pools of oil and oiled pelicans inside the boom - on the supposedly protected landward side - of Queen Bess Island off Grand Isle.

With oil undisputedly hitting the beaches and the number of dead wildlife mounting, BP is switching tactics. In Orange Beach, people told me BP wouldn't let them collect carcasses. Instead, the company was raking up carcasses of oiled seabirds. "The heads separate from the bodies," one upset resident told me. "There's no way those birds are going to be autopsied. BP is destroying evidence!"

The body count of affected wildlife is crucial to prove the harm caused by the spill, and also serves as an invaluable tool to evaluate damages to public property - the dolphins, sea turtles, whales, sea birds, fish, and more, that are owned by the American public. Disappeared body counts means disappeared damages - and disappeared liability for BP. BP should not be collecting carcasses. The job should be given to NOAA, a federal agency, and volunteers, as was done during the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.