Patrick Bond on Climate Justice - Toronto March 4

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Ian Angus
Patrick Bond on Climate Justice - Toronto March 4


Ian Angus

Please Distribute Widely


Hear Patrick Bond on
“After Bali: The Global Fight for Climate Justice”

Patrick Bond, one of the most respected leaders of the global movement for climate justice, will speak in Toronto on March 4.

His talk, “After Bali: The Global Fight for Climate Justice,” will address the growing movement against the devastation that climate change is already causing in third world countries. He will explain why the Kyoto Protocol has failed, and discuss how the world can move from false to real solutions for global warming.

This will be the only public meeting in Canada during his current speaking tour, which marks the publication of his latest book, Climate Change, Carbon Trading and Civil Society.

Patrick Bond is director of the Centre for Civil Society and professor of Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa. During December’s climate change meetings in Bali, he was instrumental in bringing together 21 organizations that represent Third World communities, indigenous peoples, women and peasant farmers, to create Climate Justice Now!, a coalition that works to improve communication and intensify actions to prevent and respond to climate change.

Bond will speak at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 252 Bloor Street West, Room 2211, on Tuesday March 4, at 7:00pm. Admission is free.

The meeting is organized by Climate and Capitalism, an online journal that focuses on capitalism, climate change, and the ecosocialist alternative.

The meeting is co-sponsored by a wide range of green and social justice organizations and publications, including Canadian Dimension, Capitalism Nature Socialism, CIUT 89.5-FM, Environment Justice Now Institute, New Socialist Group, Socialist Action, Socialist Project, Socialist Voice, U of T Students Against Climate Change, and Upping the Anti.

More information about the event, including a PDF flyer, is available online at [url=]http://climateandcapitalism...

Brian White

I have 2 real projects to help provide climate justice. The Pulser pump (One is 20 years in existance and still working) and the "mechanical mathematician" which is a simple guide for poor people to make large solar cookers.
One consistant finding I have is that these types of talking shops ignore emails about these things.
If they only talk justice and solicit funds, what the heck is the point?
I got an email from an editor of scientific america online yesterday that they are featuring one of my crappy videos about the "mechanical mathematician".
And the webmaster of solar cookers international put a page about it on their wiki.
But the supposed green and climate groups are too busy talking to each other and planing their next junket to god knows where to ever do anything practical.
Lets have action instead of talk from monetary sponges.


well, Brian, did you ever think about organizing your OWN event? Who's the real sponge here?

Brian White



Originally posted by rasmus:
[b]well, Brian, did you ever think about organizing your OWN event? Who's the real sponge here?[/b]

Brian White


Originally posted by rasmus:
[b]well, Brian, did you ever think about organizing your OWN event? Who's the real sponge here?[/b]

what good does an "event" do? I am a useless talker, I get stagefright and I am not a people person.
After an "event" people will be glowing with inner pride or glowering with outer anger but in a few days it is all dissapated and the event will have just moved to the next venue.
You weree just as well off listening to Rick Mercer.
Remember the 1 tonne challenge.
That actually worked and meant something.
It was real.
People could take up the challenge and reduce their wastefullness.
I farted around in my backyard last year cooking soil with solar cookers. That was real too.
There are 3 new things (and 3 new ideas) on the solar cooker wiki this year because of that farting around!
Hopefully people will run with the ideas and lots of people will benifit from my voluntary research.
I would challenge anybody here who thinks they are green or humanist or just plain smart to go to appropedia or the solar cooking wiki and try to make something there better.
I bet you could!
Most people just muddle along in a monkey see monkey do world and never change anything.
You do not have to be like that.
Change things yourself. Fix it if it is broken. Tweak it if it is ok.
And if someone talks about hydrogen as an energy source, take out your CUCKOO clock and get it chimeing
Anyways, Speech over.

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Ian Angus

M Spector:

Thank you for your assistance in getting the word out regarding the Patrick Bond meeting. If you are able to attend it, I hope you will introduce yourself to me...

Ian angus
Climate and Capitalism