Suspect Held and Released in Relation to EnCana bombings

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Suspect Held and Released in Relation to EnCana bombings

Wiebo Ludwig, an Alberta activist convicted of bombing oil and gas wells in the 1990s, has been arrested and will be charged with extortion in connection with more recent bombings at EnCana pipelines in northeastern B.C., according to his Edmonton lawyer.

"I can advise you that I've been told by the RCMP that Rev. Ludwig is in custody under arrest, and he is to be charged with one count of extortion," Paul Moreau told CBC News on Friday.

Moreau expected the charge to be laid immediately when he spoke to CBC News at midday on Friday but the RCMP have not announced that any charges have been laid.

Ludwig was arrested at a hotel in Grande Prairie, Alta., Friday morning after going there voluntarily to meet with a senior RCMP officer, Moreau said.



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Um, he has not been arrested for the bombing, but for extortion.....the thread title is incorrect to the max.

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Has the thread title been changed? It seems accurate to me. Except he has been released now, without charge. He was, however, arrested in relation to the EnCana bombings. But he wasn't charged.

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extortion arrest is not, or now was not,  for carrying out the bombings, news reporting is just as sloppy.


But  as rabble appears to be going mainstream, wth, may as well go along with the corporate reports too here.

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remind, the thread title says the suspect [was] in custody in the EnCana bombings. That is true. Just because he was being charged with extortion and not--what? Terrorism? Attempted murder?--does not mean that it is unrelated to the EnCana bombings. The authorities, in fact, have stated very clearly that this is the case. I'm not sure what your objection is, really.


There, is everyone happy???  Remind we have to SEE it before we can do anything about it. 


One thing headlines around here will never be, as opposed to MSM, is snappy.

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One thing headlines around here will never be, as opposed to MSM, is snappy.

Apparently not. Thankfully, the gross and far-reaching confusion that was the result of Agent 204's simple and direct thread title has been defused.

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No not really, but a slight bit better. But sztill just tabloid propaganda IMV.

... the way I see it is that the RCMP, and indeed the msm cannot be trusted in this respect, as one has to remember the RCMP were/are so hot to get him,  that they blew a building up themselves to try and pin it on him and the media  just followed along accepting their false stories. And making mere mention of it, when it was exposed and they never mention it nowadays.


Not that I am a fan of his or anything, as I see him as pretty damn patriarchial, but he has extremely valid points regarding the sour gas wells, and has every right to speak out against them.


How do we know that the RCMP or En Cana are not doing this themselves, and just trying to shovel it over to him again?


They want people's against voices silenced about the sour gas wells, and if anyone speaks out these days, they are under investigation for bombing. So if no one is speaking out, it is wn for EN Cana eh!


NOTE: I said SPEAK, as in voice, not violent action.


George Victor

Is agitation from the NG-heated Suburban East permissible on a cold January morning, remind?  :D

Sure hope they don't find anytng incriminating in their search of his Trickle Creek spread.

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Well george now that is the thing eh.....


People in areas where there is sour gas wells, are being severely and negatively impacted. And in order for people to utilize natural gas for personal consumption there has to be sour gas wells.


So  some people are keeping warm at the expense of other people's lives, pure and simple.

George Victor

That's why I carefully posed the question in humorous form, remind.  Throwing the old hat out there to see if it gets stomped on, you know. Old Wiebo has always had a solid case. And as an energy advisor I had long told clients to get off gas if they possible could.

I'm in favour of ground-source electrical heating, myself, and if the horse ever comes in, that'll be my last big outlay of $.   But the "widow Weaver" across the way isn't gonna be able to do that without a revolution in thinking and gov't spending, I'm afraid. And wood stoves are out. Ever seen a community nestled under its cloud of wood smoke on a frosty Friday morning?  Bet you have. And single family dwellings would be the "easy" ones to convert...if one could get fire insurance.

Do you think that "at the expense of other people's lives" is a common assumption out thataway? I'd give my remaining eyetooth to live out of reach of commuter traffic. Drove my daughter to work a couple of days during rush hours...forgotten what I had been missing.


Buddy Kat

To me it looks like a set-up taunt and tease sting of some kind...where the real bomber would be forced to go out and blow up something to show how Ludwig isn't the bomber. Of course there could be dire consequences. All a case of pre Olympic pipeline jitters trumping the lives of people who actually live around the pipeline. News reports say the people are relieved but if you ask me they should be more scared than ever now. So Ludwig offers his help and fifty heavily armed people shove guns in his face...says lots about rcmp, csis and the other agencies. Be a rat or a fink but don't offer help is the message.

I agree it would be nice to advocate using non violent means but some people aren't writers or speakers or guitarists like me, but maybe they are good bomb makers or demolition experts or missile techs or chemists or artists and they will react in the way they are most comfortable in. It's not a typical situation where you volunteer to become an activist per se , it's more a situation where you are forced to become one. Whatever gift you have you use. That's what I found out in my old fight against a gas compny that has now snowballed into many other categories. So there is a good side to government sponsored terror and intimidation and that's knowledge.

Most Canadians are completely ignorant to the toxic effects of oil and gas developments and poorly educated by the system and the media. When they do find out it's a double whammy because of this secrecy and corruption. What's worse is when they find out the rcmp are tools for the oil and gas company not the people who live around their developments. That's an eye opener for sure . That unfortunately is one of those things that people have to experience to fully know what it's like. Things won't change until there is a people serving police force not a crown one. That won't happen with corrupt conservatives and liberals that enjoy their new industrial appointments too much when they get kicked (backed) I mean out.

Unless one can get an entire community behind them it can be a pretty futile fight. The government and police backed oil and gas people are experts in controlling meetings with Delphi techniques and will provide jobs for locals and money for community events making it even tougher for the writer or speaker activist. So they are in effect creating so called domestic terrorists.

By the way if you mention anything to do with possible sting the CBC won't allow the comment...


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It's just a question of public safety...

Anti-oilpatch activist Wiebo Ludwig says police interrogated him for 10 hours after arresting him as part of an investigation into a series of gas pipeline bombings in British Columbia.

The Alberta farmer was arrested Friday and held overnight in jail as police continued to gather evidence, but he was released early Saturday without any charges being laid.

A day after his release, Ludwig, 68, said police tried a couple of tactics to get answers:

"They talked about having my DNA. It was about a 10-hour drilling to try to break my spirit and compare me to Nelson Mandela and all that kind of ego-tripping, you know, hoping that I would have enough ego to think, 'Yeah, I'm just like Nelson Mandela,' and cough up like he did just before he got 27 years."

Ludwig said he was indifferent when he heard that police thought he was a suspect in the bombings near Dawson Creek, B.C. He said he was more concerned with the "real criminals" in the oil and gas industry.

Ludwig has long argued that oil and gas projects near his farm have hurt the health of his family and livestock. He spent 19 months in prison in the late 1990s for bombings against sour gas wells in northwestern Alberta.

His latest comments were made as about 60 officers worked for a second full day on his 325-hectare farm, scouring homes, barns and outbuildings on the property, 400 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.

The search also involves sniffer dogs and a helicopter. In video taken by the Ludwig family and obtained by the CBC, officers can be seen rifling through kitchen cupboards and walking upstairs.

I wonder if they send this sort of manpower out after a sexual assault or, say, widespread corporate fraud and tax evasion?

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Well george you could always move out with me, our communter traffic is the school bus, a teacher going to school about 20 minms later, and a guy going to have morning coffee with mom and dad.


But we are getting a wood stove again after not having one for years. Too many dead trees around, and the wind is getting so bad nowadays that the hydro is going out constantly and I do not feel like freezing to death.

George Victor

remind wrote:

 But we are getting a wood stove again after not having one for years. Too many dead trees around, and the wind is getting so bad nowadays that the hydro is going out constantly and I do not feel like freezing to death.

If those dead trees are freebies, a good deal...but I guess they are not hard wood, so lots of chopping. Maybe two or three bush cord?  Good for the muscle tone (he intones from the comfort of his NG-heated house. But I am also ready to become a wood burnin' city slicker if that balloon goes up). Don't get a big stove and you'll be able to burn it at a higher heat and avoid creosote buildup, right?

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Lot's of chopping, but we mix our wood and put hotter burning with slower burning. Will only use it for outages of lengthy duration when cold. Tie it into our duct work with a hood, and go for passive air flow upwards. Our furnace is forced air electric, and it is energy efficient, so no use burning wood full time. is on a southern exposure,  so once the sun is up  it is almost too hot during the day, and the furnace does not even cut in until about 7 or 8 in the evening  when temps are about -5. And yet it stays very cool in the summer with just the blinds pulled.


We have a 4 stroke generator too, but we have been out of hydro in  fire season, for over a month at times, so it is for all year outages of a lengthy nature.


Yep, the dead trees are free, and they be all over our yard, and we already have several cords cut and stacked.


Buddy Kat

My heating system comprises of solar panels and a hot water tank...the solar panels preheat the water so the thermostat doesn't require massive amounts of electricity to reach the hot setting. The water is then pumped thru a coil similar to a heater core in a car and is in a forced air furnace with ductwork exactly like a gas furnace. Works great for 1980 technology.... hasn't failed in darn near 30 years. As an example the other day it was -42C ..the water coming of the solar roof going into the tank was +32C. In the summer you have to have an overflow valve it gets so hot. I would imagine todays technology probably has a way to control that problem , but at least the hot water is virtually 100% free in the summer.

These systems are pretty inexpensive nowadays and more efficient. Of course the system requires water but we have a submersible pump well. Neighbours happily collect my dead wood in the fall for their wood burners...those wood burners also have come a long way I must say. It's real good to see and hear about people getting of natural gas, a lot also curse the day they had a gas line installed , wishing they never fell for the hype about it paying for itself as they find there still paying for both installation and gas decades later.


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This morning on CBC I heard a snippet from the cop leaving the Ludwig farm after searching it.  I can't find it now, but it was something quite awkward like "I would definitely not say that we found nothing....".  Then he followed it with something about having forensics check the evidence they collected...for evidentiary value. 

And this afternoon I understand the RCMP were reminding citizens that there was still that ONE MILLION dollar  Encana money out there if anyone has any good information.

So, fishing or stalling?

And on the topic of thread titles, ours are the most boring on the planet.  When did that happen?  Reads like the topic list in a boring current events class.

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Also, listed on the search warrant - blue and red pens.  Seriously?  I think someone in my house mighta done it.

Buddy Kat

RIP Ludwig.. Truly a Canadian hero that didn't allow himself to be intimadated by terrorizing oil companies or their protectors and enablers I sure learnt a lot from his fight .....Can't wait for his book...and I will be dedicating my next song to him.

Funny ,no media is mentioning this...and one of the biggest lessons any environmentalist should know ..Is that the police ..rcmp ..etc are not for you the victim or even on your side but serve and are controlled by terrorists / justice system  and the government ...I hope no Canadian gets to experience that feeling of betrayal...when you KNOW they defend true terrorists! Ludwig proved they will stop at nothing to intimidate and frame like little terror puppets.

Then you get governments like Harpers cons that want to destroy the tools people use to thwart such crimes ie: environment impact studies/assessments and the vote.



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