Copy of the Bible "autographed by JESUS CHRIST himself"-on Ebay!

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Copy of the Bible "autographed by JESUS CHRIST himself"-on Ebay!

A bargain at only $1,000,000.69-but it doesn't look like the seller ships to Canada:


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I never thought JC would dot his i's with little hearts.

I like JC in this clip.

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If the autographed Bible is a little too expensive for your tastes.

This same individual has a Magic Pregnancy Doll with a starting bid of only $10,000



So irreverent, you people. But never doubt that [url=]Jesus Christ will survive[/url] your mockery!



Oh that's too cute, and I love the commentary.

Though if Genesis 47:29 is in "used" condition I don't want to know what Ezekiel 23:20 looks like. 

Clearly I am in the wrong business. It is time to start saving those chicken bones and wood slivers and really cash in.





ouch my ribs!


I just thought of something more interesting than all that hateful stuff though - If this was Jesus's personal copy I wonder if he dogeared the part where he blessed that Roman centurion and healed his young manservant and lover. 

I know that's a cheery signature, but I bet he gets sad sometimes wishing people remembered some of the nice things he did, and not just the blood and guts.

(I'm looking at you, Mel Gibson)


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I want the copy of The Fly. Goldblum 4 messiah!


Well if THAT's where we're going with this:

Yeah, probably NSFW


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@ Unionist: I wasn't ready for that surprise ending. Wink

And now you all have made me feel compelled to post this link, again. Also, this one. NOT safe for work. Tee hee.