Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving

I wish to express my thankfulness for our great neighbor, Canada. Without Canada the U.S. would not enjoy the happiness and prosperity that it has. While it is very much an independent country with its own culture, history and politics the fact is that we have a border that's at least 5000 km long. Without that border being a friendly, warm place we would never have achieved the levels of security and mutual concord that we have achieved.

I would hope that all Americans think of and join Canada as brethren and colleagues in the advocacy of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Is this a Thanksgiving 'feats of satire' ritual we're now party to?


Not sure I follow above post. However I now see there's a similar active thread. Please delete this thread.

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Thanks for the kind words, nycndp! Good to see you hanging around again. I'll close this thread, as you requested.

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