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the last thing I wanted was an entertaining coach,Foot in mouth Tremblay/Houle provided all that, and Roy was at the top of that same no-hire list.... pheeew

The Gazette has a couple of laudatory pieces about Therrien, and worth noting that Crosby called immediately to congratulate him as he left a good memory among Penguins players, also Gilmour said he loved playing (2002-03) for Therrien during his Montreal stay

Bergevin had the pick of the coaching field and took Therrien, so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt





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Although remember why Therrien lost the job in Montreal: he took a bad unsportsmanlike penalty in the third period of an elimination game in the second round of the playoffs, which the Habs lost. He lost the support of the veterans and a lot of the players for that dumb and selfish move. Hopefully he's matured a bit since then.

I'm not unhappy with the coaching choice. Out of the three positions -- owner, GM and coach -- he's the least of my worries. I'm pretty sure having a Molson heir in charge will keep the Habs in also-ran status for at least a decade. I don't rate the inexperienced, uneducated Bergevin at all.

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i think there will be a game 6 in LA. Devils aren't going down easy.

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re Bergevin:

well, he WAS director of player personnel for a Stanley Cup champ recently ....


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