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Le Devoir photographer Jacques Nadeau's body of work stolen from home

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I'm sure many of you, and not only here in Québec, have seen the iconic and touching photos Jacques Nadeau has taken over the decades. Now the majority of his work, stored on hard drives, has been stolen.

“They took my photos — that’s my life,” said Nadeau, his voice shaking.

Nadeau, who works for Le Devoir, arrived at his condominium in Outremont on Tuesday evening after work to find his door damaged and his home in disarray.

The photos and moments he captured over the last 35 years are now missing.

And of course one wonders who could do this and why...


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It's a very sad tale, but as I was reading it this morning, I was compelled to wonder why, if he already had all this oeuvre digitized, he didn't follow some elementary multiple backup measures. Like, an offsite hard backup, and/or cloud storage. For next to no cost, he could have protected his work against any mishap. It could have been a fire. And when you drop a hard drive on the floor, whoops, all gone.

But that just makes the tale sadder.


Joined: Apr 17 2002

He was planning to do that this summer, hoping for a lull in work. And he sounds like a compulsive worker...

And I really wonder who the hell stole that, and what good is it to them?

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