The Nazi King: documentary about Edward, Wallis and collaboration

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The Nazi King: documentary about Edward, Wallis and collaboration

This documentary has aired again at The Passionate Eye and is definitely worth a watch. However, as the other url I'm posting makes clear, it plays down the extent of fascist sympathies among the ruling class in Britain, and I'd add, in other Western countries in Europe and North and South America. (Never forget Henry Ford!)

Note that the cbc Passionate Eye link will only work for a few days, as it is a week from the 25 August broadcast. However, there are other online sources available.

They really were despicable people. Corrective to the documentary's glossing over the extent of support to fascism among the British ruling élite.

cbc programme airing this documentary:


doesn't the dutch royal family have fascist or Hitler ties too?

corporatism is the same as fascism.


I think the confusion stems from the fact that Juliana's late husband, Prince Claus, was in the Hitler Youth as a youth - which was mandatory for German youth under that regime. He was enlisted in the Wermacht, but taken prisoner before seeing any action - so obviously couldn't have committed any war crimes.

Moreover, Maxima, wife of the current king, Willem, is the daughter of a minister in the Argentine military dictatorship. Her did not attend the royal wedding.

Remember that the Dutch royal family spent the War in Ottawa, and one of their daughters was born there. That is the origin of the tulips in Ottawa, which some dour officials decried at the time as "not serious".

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If only the Dutch royals had different Low Countries crop...but that would have been even LESS serious.