Soviet Textile Patterns

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Soviet Textile Patterns

Ignore the ridiculous and insulting reference to propaganda in the title. Would they say the same thing about stars and stripes?

These are some beautiful patterns. Someone should recreate them:

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The two black and white designs ("Locomotives" and "Factories & Gears) are really attractive... and the "Planes & Flowers" one is gorgeous.

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Gorgeous!  I wouldn't call them propaganda so much as historically significant.  They're an expression of the hopes at that time and place.

I love the early soviet fabrics. Very ballet Russe.


There is one for International Women's Day! Lovely.

Such idiot comments, confusing the hopes of the revolution with its crushing by Stalinism.

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Thanks Winston, lovely fabrics! 


Google "soviet textiles" and plenty of other ones come up:

(though again, that propaganda thing)

There's a book on it too... probably the source for all the pics.



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Some wonderful stuff...shows the incredible places Soviet artwork might have gone if only Stalin hadn't been rabidly anti-art(and rabidly anti-revolution and anti-human, as well).

Hopefully, the reduction of creative work in the USSR to endless replications of "Heroic Ivan On the Tractor Farm" will help everyone remember that repression is always the enemy of revolution.


I get your point, but I think Soviet art went a few places even with Stalin there.


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Certainly, Russian film was interesting.  Eisenstein, Vertov and others, were groundbreakers.  Even the social realist films (Boy Loves Tractor films, we called them) were stylistically distinct from other film movements.

Red Winnipeg

On a related note, the opening Olympic ceremonies in Russia are...stupendous! Very artistic.


I watched it too, and I concur. I mean I know that place hasn't been soviet for decades, but looking at all those big images, it seems the two systems (russia and the olympics)  were somehow made for each other.

Of course the Atlanta games brought out connections with the U.S. - different connections, though.

(also reminds me of their old expo pavilion in Montreal, which was amazing, and which I am told they packed up and took away afterwards)


Also, I heard on CBC last week that most of those sets were made in Montreal.


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I ran into this earlier, a site featuring "repurposed" Soviet era propaganda posters - thought it was worth sharing.

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Very cool, and very apt.