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That's what I was wondering.  I thought they were applauding Luongo, or Schneider, but the CBC guys said they were mocking the erstwhile Bobby Lou.

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The CBC guys should get bonuses from the Bruins organization. John Shorthouse is the only decent Canuck announcer that I've heard. And I'd be turning off the audio from HNIC were it not for the fact that the audio play-by-play on Canuck radio (with Shorthouse) is delayed by about 5 or 10 seconds just to make sure people like me can't pick and choose.


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Are you equating the hit on Horton with Tie Domi's elbow?

No, and do your cause a favour and STOP WHINING.

Feel lucky your team isn't playing Pittburgh or Philly.  If Bruins are bad, Matt Cooke would have the Sedin sisters hiding under the bench looking for their smorgasbords.

Matt Cooke is my size except that he's an asshole supreme. Everything he does in gladiator mode is to pad his false image as a scrapper and instigator. He's not even good in that role. He's just a suckhole company man with no integrity. If no one instructed him to put the hurt on a real hockey player like Marc Savard, then he must have figured that taking him out would add some kind of market  value to his third rate status as an actual hockey player. 

Cooke would never be traded for or bought by a real hockey team like the Canucks. He's a fourth rate junker and he knows it. That's why he snivels and grovels to the old timers still believing that goons and assholes have some role to [play in pro hockey. They should just get real jobs and quit pretending.



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The Cnøcks are in a position similar to that of the Leafs back in 2001 or so, after Tie Domi elbowed Scott Niedermaier. I remember my reaction to Domi's cheap shot was that I didn't even want to win any longer.

Domi might have pulled some boners, but he was the real deal compared to dorks like Cooke. He didn't turtle from role guys like Stu grim reaper Grimson or Bob Probert. Those guys were seriously scary. Matt Cooke and his clones are just whey powder jerks who need to pee a little more often. They might be a little more civil.

Then again, we need to realize the animosity and war of words is all baloney anyway. These goons are actually all friendly with one another outside the game. It's show time when the cameras are on. The goonies love it. Domi was smiling half the time and prolly cuz Probert or the reaper were telling him something really funny at the time. Charade they are/were. All the world's a stage.

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Closing for length. Continue in the overtime thread here.


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