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This Thanksgiving I was looking around for something different to be thankful about and then it struck me.

I am so greatful for not being a Vancouver Canuck hockey fan, and had to have watched the Canucks score the winning goal against themselves, yah, that's right, against themsleves, when they were recently playing the Montreal Canadians.

How thankful is that?


Timebandit Timebandit's picture

I don't feel thankful, exactly - the word Thanksgiving implies there's someone specific to thank.  I think of it more as "Appreciative Day".  As in, I appreciate the people who were kind enough to rescue my missing, 20 yr old, deaf, frail kitty and track me down so she could come home. 


I was wondering if the cat has been rescued. That is something for which to give thanks.


Definitely something to be thanlful for. I hope the she has recovered and happily lying in the way in your house somewhere TB. I know mine always are

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She'd been missing for 5 weeks - the lovely rescuers had her for one before our paths finally crossed.  So, four weeks on the street, deaf, confused and hungry - and a tiny, skinny, doddery old kitty in the first place.  She's been eating like a champ ever since she was found.  Utterly amazing that she survived.  After week three, I had pretty much acknowledged that it wasn't likely she was still with us, and by week five I had given up.  The woman who runs the lost cat facebook page saw the ad in kijiji's lost and found ads with the found old black cat and alerted me to it.  Several very kind people were involved in bringing her home - and probably feeding her, so keeping her alive to make it back at all.  It makes you feel like there is some hope for the human race after all. 


I agree. I only lost mine for a few days before he was found but we were a wreck over it.  5 weeks would have done us in


What an incredible and beautiful story, TB. I hope you've recovered from your angst. Give kitty a little hug for us babblers, would you? I tend to freak out when one of our cats disappears overnight... So far, the little buggers have always returned to their most reliable source of sustenance, however!



You probably remember when my Renzo (also black) disappeared, what, five years ago? I was a wreck. He was also missing for five weeks, and returned, almost skeletal, on December 6th, just as winter was setting in. I had to feed him very carefully, a tiny bit at once, on hyper-caloric food.

I was worried since he first took off ... on Halloween.

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I will, U.  I think the reason it happened was that we had moved to another city and had only been in our new house for 2 weeks or so.  She must have wandered out the door when we were putting some empty boxes in the garage - because of her deafness, I don't tend to let her outdoors unattended, even though she isn't usually inclined to wander.  The neighbor has an awful little dog that sometimes gets into our yard and chases the two younger cats, so my guess is he got in, startled her, she ran and couldn't figure out how to get back. 

She was picked up a couple of km from home on a busy street corner I happen to drive/walk past every day on my way to work.  Her rescuer coaxed her out from under a car, begged a ride home from a total stranger, took her to the Humane Society to see if they could ID her (database error in my report meant their search engine didn't work!), then found a foster to place her with until they could find her people.  Really, truly, amazingly kind.


My Gromit was found 5km away when he was just about 9months old. Thankfully his chip worked. Hes never done it since


Earlier my one cat disappeared for 5 days but hsi dad (and roaming cat) brought him home

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Joulsie is tattooed, but she's so old that it's faded and they couldn't read it.

Roxy (our dog) is microchipped, and I think the Calico Wickeds will be soon.  I don't want another episode like this!


Francesca Allan

I'm thankful that things are so much (as in astronomically) better than they were last Thanksgiving. I believe I'm truly recovered.

And, Timebandit, I'm pleased to hear your 20 year old cat is still going strong and that you are happily reunited. My parents have a 17 year old who is increasingly frail, but still obviously happy. He requires a bit of clean up around the house but, hey, that'll happen to all of us one day.