Australia's newest cash crop - the diesel tree!

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Australia's newest cash crop - the diesel tree!


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Farmers in North Queensland are doing their bit to be environmentally friendly by investing in a tree that produces diesel.Over 20,000 trees have been sold to farmers in the tropics by the man who introduced the diesel tree from Brazil.

The tree produces an oil that can be extracted, filtered and used to power vehicles and farm machinery.

Because, the Brazilian [i]Copaifera langsdorfii[/i] can be tapped much like a rubber tree, but instead of yielding rubber it gives up a natural diesel. According to the nurseryman selling the trees, one acre will yield about 1250 gallons annually compared to about 30 gallons of ethanol produced from an acre of corn.

Once filtered no complex refining is required it can be placed straight into a diesel tractor or truck. A single [i]Copaifera langsdorfii[/i] will continue to produce fuel oil for an impressive 70 years, with the only negative being that its particular form of diesel needs to be used within three months of extraction.

From [url=]here[/url], via [url=]VWVortex[/url]. The only caveat I have about this is that some might be tempted to clear rainforest to grow diesel trees, which would likely outweigh any CO2 reduction from using it as fuel (it is, after all, a tropical plant).

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Sure this isn't like the spaghetti fields?

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Originally posted by clersal:
[b]Sure this isn't like the spaghetti fields?[/b]

Looks like it's not.


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Can cold fusion, the perpetual motion machine, and turning lead into gold be far behind?


[url=]Cold (OK cool) Fusion[/url]

[url=]Lead into gold[/url]

Perpetual motion is still out of bounds, so you are 1 for 3.

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From the link to the biological site, it says that an acre could produce ~ 25 barrels a year. As we (the world collectively) are approaching 1000 barrels a second oil usage then we are going to need 40 acres a second to keep 60 sec x 60min x 24h x365 days =31.5million seconds in a year x 40 acres = 1.25 Billion acres of these trees. Not going to solve our problems 100%, that's for sure. Still, a step in the right direction...