The Importance of Identifying and Casting Out Devils

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My Sock Puppet
The Importance of Identifying and Casting Out Devils


My Sock Puppet

Yiwah wrote:

I think I can fairly say, the consensus seems to be that people are unwilling to participate in the meta-discussion.

As I've stated a number of times, I was willing to let it drop if no one wished to engage the actual topic, so, dropping it I am.


Where is the evidence of what you are calling a lack of interest?

The comrades had to be very busily engaged in identifying the deviation and the deviationist(s).


The whole thread screams forth the lack of interest, oh sock puppet.

My Sock Puppet

Oh woe!

drastic measures are Called For.


must Name.


Beetleguise.  Beetleguise. Beetleguise.


The heat is getting

to me, or perhaps the lick

of flames, save my hat!

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In Residential school, my Cree-speaking people were told that the devil was in them but English would save their souls...

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double post

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In Germany that great Protestant reformer Luther just thought some people were possessed by devils and should be killed if they couldn't be exorcised.  Unfortunately people with developmental disabilities don't respond well to exorcism as a "treatment" method.

My Acadian ancestors were ethnically cleansed by the British for the crimes of being allies of the Mi'kmaq, french speaking and catholic.  

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Mr Sock Puppet, I don't think you belong here. Byesies.

Also, closing.

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