NIST 9/11 Sussudio-science?- Truth deniers v Isaac Newton II

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Salsa wrote:

So a myth got

Two men say their Jesus, one of them must be wrong.

It's in how we perceive.  You have your reality channel, and I have mine.  There are lots of reality channels.  Being flexible enough to see other reality channels is helpful.

Two men say their Jesus, both are from Spain.


You can believe in jezus de gladio duh 9/11, patron sainte of warfiteering warfiteers if you want to. I believe in a world where tolerance of other's religious beliefs is something to be encouraged and those rights protected.


Two men say their Jesus, both are from Spain.


must be tourists. Wink

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continued over here, and please do carry on over there


Are you  talking about that guy who was on Bill Maher's Religulous? I saw a bit of that film on TV last week.  A Spanish-speaking fellow said he was both descended from Jesus and the Second Coming to boot.  I had the impression he was from Latin America, though.

[For a moment I couldn't figure out whose Jesus you were talking about; then guessed you must have meant they're Jesus]


Ah! Another believer. Jezus de Gladio crucified New York City and is raised from the dead when convenient for the warfiteering warfiteers. Pass it on. And don't forget to etch the letters OBL in the sand so other believers in kind will recognize you.


That's about as close to speaking in tongues as it gets around here.

I can just picture what takes place at Truther conventions.  Some guy will go up to the podium, speak quasi-scientifically for a while, then start babbling about thermitegladiolaserbeams as a hunk of the sacred structural steel ignites behind him, casting an eerie glow over everyone, who then drop to the floor, shaking and quivering while shrieking about thermitegladiolaserbeams...which brings about the glorious moment when the Holy Hologram comes through the kitchen doors at the back of the hall and whisks the congregation off to the footprint of the Rapture, where they ascend the 110 storeys to whatever heaven they imagine is up there.


You had your chance to talk denier fizzics and blew it with your graphic arts presentation. Save it for the next thread, Izaac Yukham


I hear ya, higo bloiko russula huju hollaka hollala anlogo bung, and shall transfer to the next level...


al-Qa'bong wrote:

Another oddity in these discussions is how the Truthees, while deriding others' ignorance of physics, seem troubled by the towers having collapsed straight down, as if the buildings should have tipped over sideways, or at least have fallen at an angle.

Buildings don't collapse straight down from a structural breach at the top. Never have; never will. It's this willful idiocy that insists that they can and should, even though they never have and never will, that becomes insufferable.


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