A novel solution to that leaking BP oil well

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A novel solution to that leaking BP oil well

Nuke it.  I kid you not.

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His face wracked by age and his voice rasping after decades of chain-smoking coarse tobacco, the former long-time Russian Minister of nuclear energy and veteran Soviet physicist Viktor Mikhailov knows just how to fix BP's (BP.L) oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

"A nuclear explosion over the leak," he says nonchalantly puffing a cigarette as he sits in a conference room at the Institute of Strategic Stability, where he is a director. "I don't know what BP is waiting for, they are wasting their time. Only about 10 kilotons of nuclear explosion capacity and the problem is solved."

A nuclear fix to the leaking well has been touted online and in the occasional newspaper op-ed for weeks now. Washington has repeatedly dismissed the idea and BP execs say they are not considering an explosion -- nuclear or otherwise. But as a series of efforts to plug the 60,000 barrels of oil a day gushing from the sea floor have failed, talk of an extreme solution refuses to die.

For some, blasting the problem seems the most logical answer in the world.


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Seeing as it is so safe, I say let's go for it, assuming of course that all these nutbar nuclear proponents take their families and closest friends and sit in kayaks over the oil spill during detonation. Guaranteed that entering that into the equation will quickly put an end to such nonsense.


The individuals involved should be named and singled out, not the government agency, as I'm positive there must have been lots of internal opposition to such ludicrous comments, just not by those in the positions of authority, the bosses. Of course these bosses responsible should be fired, fined, and possibly have their pension plans cancelled on them as well.


U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Said Risk From Gulf Drilling Projects Was 'Low'





Maslow would have suggested a hammer.