Is private property incompatible with libertarianism? - Part 2

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Originally posted by Ghislaine:

Because this entire thread (and its pre-decessor) have been about why people should not have the right to private property ...[/b]

That's what you'd like to hear, so you can be appropriately shocked. Unfortunately, no one has said this - except you.


If society had no concept of property it would be the undertaking that would create a responsibility for Those who undertook to create and operate the site are responsible. Others may join the operation and share in the responsibility.

Our present relationships with things is as owner and property. I think that society can function in an user based society/economy. Where the basic currency is usufructuary, and in the transfer of responsibilities/obligations for the use of things.

However I don’t think that libertarianism would support this function. Liberty and obligations would be conflicting.

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A true libertarian eats haggis and always wears a kilt.

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Zak! Here's the thread on opening a can of whoop ass on right wing libertarianism that I mentioned.

[b]Come on down, Zak Young![/b] Up first is a quote from Noam Chomsky.


Libertarian socialist Noam Chomsky: “a consistent libertarian must oppose private ownership of the means of production and the wage slavery which is a component of this system, as incompatible with the principle that labor must be freely undertaken and under the control of the producer”.

For your first babble prize, try to address the challenge laid down by Chomsky.

[b]Woot! Woot![/b] Go Zak Go! Give it the old college try! Oh wait! That's "Give it the old [b]private[/b] college try!" Sorry for the slip up.

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Please, this gloating is very unsocialist.


I like librarians. They're helpful.

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Farmpunk: Please, this gloating is very unsocialist.

Maybe. A little cockiness, if it's not a mechanical habit, isn't such a bad thing. (I should add that my remarks were not directed at you, as I think you know.)