Treating HIV with homeopathy?

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It matters not whether or not the idea seems elegant. What matters is whether or not the idea is true. I realize that's the scientific take on things but what else? Giving honey to people with schizophrenia sounds elegant too, but that too would likely not work.

On that note though, all people, no matter how sick, should drink several glasses of clean water a day, regardless of homeopathy.

You're right that we're moving to a situation where there are a lot of specialists. Doctors for the ears, for teeth, for the heart, for the brain, for the lungs... et cetera. I'm not sure what the problem. Nature is complex and we have no choice but to adapt. I can only think of specialization as a means of adapation, but if you can think of something better your name will be in the history books at the same level as the highest philosophers.


I have no problem with science as a way of understanding our environment. My biggest beef with science is in its use to alter our living space, applied science. There seems to be no elegant way to project the long term consequences of its application. And we seem to get into ever more problems on account of failing to project the consequences of all this appleid science. Things are just cascading more and more out of control as a result.

The biggest employer in the town near where I live is health care, with education probably being a close second. And both have trouble keeping up with the increased need for specialisation. To me that suggests an unsustainable situation.

You say nature is complex, that we have to adapt and that specialisation is your only option. Specialisation can work in a stable environment but we are heading into unstable times because of misappleid science and in those circumstances it is probably better if we are more able to self help. And if we can make homeopathy work, and why should it not be able to work, then Martha (but not Stewart) would be able to self medicate with a walnut and sausage.


Lets all not forget that Einstein also proved that Time does not exist. SO basically we have a whole basis of western technology, hanging on a myth as opposed to reality. A Google search for "newsflash time may not exist" should provide you with ample evidence.

The so called western science, is a mythical system that is based on Faith in itself and politics.

The countless number of people that are dying from the "so called" safe prescription, that their DR have provided them is appalling. But i guess its ok, since they did not die from so called "quacks". Try if you can look someone who just lost a loved one in the eye, while you tell them how amazing and superior the religion of science is. "Quakery" is "quackery" regardless of how many degrees the person providing the faith healing (which is how we would accurately describe Most of western Medicine) is.

You can checkout this link to a Topic I started on the Myth of the safety of Pharmaceuticals and western-medicine.

[url=]D... The myth of the safety of Pharmacy and western Medicine[/url]


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