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right. the merger hasn't been disussed.



CNN?  The station that gave Trump untold hours of free media time during the campaign? 


The problem for the media of course is that they are hated more than Trump

Anyway for the second time in 2 days Trump goes to war with the media

It's a no-brainer Trump will win this battle



The psychiatrist who wrote the guide to personality disorders says diagnosing Trump is “bullshit”  



You don't need to be a psychiatrist to know that the man is nuts. All you need are eyes and ears.


what's with the gold curtain behind him these days?



the individuation of the stereotypical tasteless rich American.

the gold curtain behind him in the press scrums is annoying.

poor media having to look at it for 77 mins

Mr. Magoo Mr. Magoo's picture

the individuation of the stereotypical tasteless rich American.

It kind of reminds me of the best ever burn on Elvis Presley, when someone remarked that:

"Graceland looks like somebody spent a million dollars at K-Mart".


Mr. Magoo wrote:

I'm starting to think you don't actually have any personal political opinions.

But if the wind blows North, you're ready to say "Look at that NORTH WIND!  It's unbeatable!! Is this the beginning of the end for the East Wind??????"

I think it's important to separate political opinions from political analysis. I can't speak for NR but I wouldn't interpret a statement like "If the Democrats keep this up Trump will win again in four years" to mean "I want Trump to win again in four years."

I also wouldn't automatically assume that linking an article automatically means one agrees with what's in the article or even the headline - I've done it before to start or continue a discussion. Although I do agree it can be ambiguous when NR links an article, says the title, and doesn't comment further.

Not that my political analysis is worth anything here, but I've started paying attention again for the last week or so and every article I read has me (figuratively) yelling at the screen at how easily the media (mostly) continues to get played by Trump. It's embarassing to watch.

One example of such is when Trump or his admin releases a partisan (or worse) memo that would usually get buried - but with spelling errors. The media seizes on the spelling errors and helps the memo to go viral. "Look look look Trump just released info on 30 refugees that were prevented from committing terror attacks BUT HE SPELLED ATTACK WRONG!!!" Nobody cares about the spelling error but now the media is helping to spread Trump's narrative that refugees are dangerous. Another example is when he accused the media of "under-reporting" terror attacks which the media responded by reminding everyone of some 80 terror attacks that have happened in the last two years. And if someone in the media read this, they would probably be stupid enough to "correct" me that there were "only" 78 terror attacks on the list, not 80.

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I can't speak for NR but I wouldn't interpret a statement like "If the Democrats keep this up Trump will win again in four years" to mean "I want Trump to win again in four years."

Okay.  But is it reasonable to point out that Trump has only been President for ONE MONTH?  And that if the Democrats are to "keep something up" then they'll need to keep that something up for FORTY SEVEN more months before it really makes a difference?

The idea that the next Presidency is being decided today, by what the Dems do or don't do, is a bit premature, no?



I ran across this show 2 weeks ago and its perfect.  A progressive with contempt for the corporate democratic party.  In this eposide he talks about the reasons why the democratic lost and patheic excuses.  The jimmy dore show.



Also well I dont accept the whole idea that if you did not support hillary clinton you were a default trump supporter.  This democratic party did not lose because of Russia, bernie supporters, and the other individuals that are currently shamed for not voting for clinton.  The party has look inward for the reasons for their loss, not blaiming others. 



Seeking:  Agree, but I am doubtful they can look inwards.   At this point they may be structurally incapable.   They sold their soul to corporate america and I don't think they can buy it back now.

Cody87:   Agree entirely that Trump understands how to play the media.   I also think the CNN/MSNBC DNC media is shooting itself in the foot with hyperbole.    They are hurting their own credibility more than Trump's, which is quite a feat.   It feels sort of like the Rob Ford situation, writ large.   I think SNL helped Trump get elected as well.    Also your political analysis is worth something here!   Post more.



How is our Manchurial president doing these days? 



Follow the money folks/or what is really going on in the WH.



The Shocking Verdict on Trumpcare

Congressional scorekeeping report finds 24 million would lose coverage, with Medicaid slashed and a spike in premiums



The Dark Strategy at the Core of the GOP Health Care Plan

How the House Republican plan to overhaul Obamacare went from repeal-and-replace to cap-and-strangle



The unpalatable body language between Trump and Merkel at their press conference today said it all. Merkel stood up to the US President's bullshit about trade, and it was obvious he was not pleased.



Could FBI investigation into Russia links ensnare Trump?

"I'm trying to be studiously vague to protect the integrity of the investigation," Mr Comey said at one point on Monday.

Wittes has since parsed the director's words and concluded that it was a bad day for Mr Trump. "Really bad."

Mr Comey's relative silence could be deadly.

What will Republicans do?

Going into Monday's congressional hearing there was more than a bit of unease among Republican politicians over the allegations of ties between the Trump team and Russian interests.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said his committee was going to "find out all things Russia".

"We're trying to build a case," he said. "So, this is what Russia's doing in other places. Then we're going to dig into what they did here."



How to Listen to Jim Comey's Testimony on Monday



- dated January 25

Don’t look now: It’s President Pence! Donald Trump can be deposed, even without impeachment

Given Trump's erratic behavior in his first few days, Washington is starting to murmur about the 25th Amendment 



i'm speculating Trump wants the US to launch a war against Russia especially if he owes them huge amounts of money.

he can't declare bankruptcy with them as debt holders like he did with american lenders.


This definitely has been quite a day in Washington

Donald Trump will resign 'soon', says top Democrat Dianne Feinstein

Senior Senator on Judiciary Committee drops hint she knows more than she can say 'right now' 



Donald Trump will resign 'soon', says top Democrat Dianne Feinstein

Don't people who prognosticate this sort of stuff ever get tired of being wrong and looking like fools? Literally every week "This is the worst week for Trump! His campaign will never recover from this!"(Trump then wins) "Recount! Recount!"(Recounts where performed favour the Republicans) "Faithless electors will stop Trump!"(Hillary has 5 vs Trump's 2) etc etc.

Seriously. They are wrong every time. This one is even more obviously wrong because it should be clear that if Trump goes, it won't be willingly. Does anyone actually believe he campaigned for 18 months taking on nearly 20 rivals, won the top job, and is now going to resign because of some invented story that he's a Russian plant? You don't have to like the guy to know he's not going to give up.


The False Handshake Story Aims To Delegitimize Trump


"The media are obviously out to get Trump, if not over false claims of Russian influence on him then over 'awkward' hand shakes..."


Only 60 days in office. It certainly has not taken Trump long to discredit himself. But one only has to look at the people he has surrounded himself with to understand that would be a given. 

Donald Trump's nonstop lies are failing him



Media out to get Trump?  Classic right-wing talking point.  So this link's for you:



If you believe the oposite of whatever  Trump & Co say you will be much closer to the truth

Conway: Trump ‘Doesn’t Know’ Campaign Aides With Connections To Russia



FBI Probe Could Hurt Donald Trump’s Clout in Congress

Questions about credibility come as president pushes for health-care overhaul, Supreme Court confirmation




The Trump Chicken Is Coming to America



We needed a mascot for our march over Trump’s taxes. This rooster commissioned by a Chinese real estate company was perfect.




Bank that lent $300m to Trump linked to Russian money laundering scam

Deutsche Bank among western institutions that processed billions of dollars in cash of ‘criminal origin’ through Latvia



Gwynne Dyer draws key distinction between Donald Trump and racist populists in Europe

Trump talks about jobs

Dyer made the case that the situation is different in America, where people are more accustomed to immigration. He acknowledged that in areas lacking in immigration, many people are "panicked about race".

But he declared that this isn't their top-of-mind issue.

"It seems to me that in the United States, there is a greater concern about the decline of good jobs for working class people, in particular, than there has been in any of the European cases," Dyer stated. "They really have lost a lot in the States. The offshoring has been much more vigorous and unheeding of the damage done to employment at home. American industrialists exported lots of jobs."

The Michigan city of Flint is one of many Rust Belt communities hit hard by job losses.

He pointed out that other U.S. jobs are being lost to automation at a far greater rate than is taking place in Europe.

These job losses have left areas in several cities completely devastated.

And this is why Trump's message differs somewhat from the election rhetoric of his populist European counterparts.

According to Dyer, Trump never fails to link the issue of employment to his racist comments about immigration.

"Where did the votes that finally pushed him over top come from?" Dyer said. "The answer is they came from former Democratic voters who flipped in that election last November in the Rust Belt states—Pennsylvania and Ohio and Michigan and Wisconsin, and so on. He wouldn't be president without them."

And he suggested that any effort to counter Trump must recognize and address this central grievance—unemployment in the working class—that drove so many voters to support him.



The Missing Logic of Russia-Gate  -  by Robert Parry


"Logical thinking no longer applies to what's going on in official Washington..."


There, indeed, was an FBI wiretap involving Russians at Trump Tower.

But it was not placed at the behest of Barack Obama, and the target was not the Trump campaign of 2016. For two years ending in 2013, the FBI had a court-approved warrant to eavesdrop on a sophisticated Russian organized crime money-laundering network that operated out of unit 63A in Trump Tower in New York.




Usually an ally but not today

A President’s Credibility

Trump’s falsehoods are eroding public trust, at home and abroad.



Donald Trump will never apologize. Trump’s strategy for dealing with being caught in a lie is often to tell a bigger lie. He seems constitutionally incapable of registering what others would: shame, embarrassment, contrition. Something is broken in the man — definitely morally and possibly psychologically.