Austrian elections - far-right threat

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Austrian elections - far-right threat

We have a topic on the Italian referendum, but nothing about its northeastern neighbour Austria, where the far-right is a threat for the first time since ... well, the last time, whether Austrofascism or the Anchluss.

This Jewish-Viennese lady, an 89 year old pensioner, expresses her fears and recalls frightening childhood memories She is the only member of her immediate family to have survived deportation to the camps.


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Hofer lost. Just broke.

At least RT didn't jump the gun and praise his victory, as they did back in the spring.

The election was a re-run of that contest back in the spring.




Yes, check out iyraste's comment against me in the Italy thread. As if I was some kind of neoliberal Blairite type. Frankly...

I know that the left has to rebuild. But far-right xenophobic populism is VERY dangerous, whether in the mighty US or formerly fascist countries such as Italy and Austria. I've lived in Italy and know how much nostalgia for Mussolini remains.


Nice to see the Green candidate win - with an increased majority. 

All the centrist and "left-leaning" and "right-leaning" parties were knocked out in the first round - so much for having to vote for a right-winger to defeat the far right. It's like seeing Melanchon face off against Le Pen in the French elections....


[url= can reclaim patriotism, says Austrian president-elect's camp[/url]

An interesting case for anti-fascists outside Austria to learn from? 


FM Kurz's Party  Leads in Austrian Parliamentary Election, Right Wing FPO Second (and vid)

"Two anti-migrant parties are leading in the Austrian parliamentary election, with the Conservative People's Party (OVP), headed by Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz in first place according to preliminary results. The right-wing Freedom Party (FPO) is second. At just 31 years old, Kurz is set to become the world's youngest national leader."


Embroiled Israeli Spin Doctor Rocks Austria With 'Anti-Semitic' Campaign Against Chancellor Candidate

"Ta Silberstein, who is linked to billionaire Beny Steinmetz and battling money-laundering allegations in Israel, allegedly used anti-Semitism in a bid to keep the chancellorship with the Social Democrats."


Far Right Poised To Enter Government Following Austrian Election

"Sunday's election in Austria has produced a sharp shift to the right..."

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Can someone explain what happened with the Austrin Greens on Sunday?  The official Greens-the same party whose candidate won the presidential election there only months ago-were wiped out, but a newly-formed grouping, the Pilz led by former Green leader Peter Pilz won eight seats.  There was obviously a deep split in the Green vote...but what caused it?

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Like with communists and fascists, there are deep divisions in the Green Party over ideological purity, and harsh personal criticism of leaders. We see this in the Canadian Green Party. It seems that divisions like these caused the split in the Austrian Green Party. Apparantly a Green MP Peter Pilz left the Party and took several members with him. Around the same time the whole youth wing was expelled. As a result the Green Party lost credibility with Austrian electorate.



"Context is missing here: Center-left govts fueled a refugee crisis with their wars to set the stage for their demise."

eg Canada in Libya


In Latest Victory For The Far Right, Neo-Fascists Gain in Austrian Election

"The ability of far-right parties to obtain a broader hearing for anti-immigrant and racist policies is the result of the absence of any progressive outlet for social discontent within the political establishment. The far right is gaining strength by default, as the entire bourgeois political spectrum - including the organizations of the pseudo-left - lurches to the right."


Photo: Neo-Nazi Leader of Austria's Freedom Party with Israeli Likud Lawmaker and 'Temple activist' Yehuda Glick

"EI: Austria's neo-nazis find friends in Israel."