China considers industrial policy worth $1.5 trillion

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China considers industrial policy worth $1.5 trillion
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A Chinese-built supercomputer, the Tianhe-1, was ranked the world's fastest in October, with a theoretical speed of 4.7 petaflops per second.

4.7 petaflops! Sheeska bob! The speed of doing business will reach "ludicrous speed"(Spaceballs, the movie) at some point.

Sean in Ottawa

Good for them--


investments in alternative energy, alternative fuel cars and energy saving technologies.  sounds like what we should be doing!  but we're idiots.


I think our genuses are planning to let mainly US-owned energy companies sell more of Canada's fossil fuels to corporate America while the country slides further into national indebtedness as a favour to the banks and foreign creditors and a few other colonial administrative tasks on their job sheet. That's their grand plan. It's so easy-peasy  to read what's on their corrupt little minds.

George Victor

Our leaders are trying to sell bitumen to China, transported through a pipeline through the Rockies and then taken through the narrow channels off the Coastal  Range by tanker.

There is no thought given to future generations of Canadians at all.  Nada. But our youth are not about to complain, long as the beer is cold.


The youth have been forsaken by the left, and remain politically unrepresented.  Every time they lodge a complaint against the order of things in the manner that one might expect from youth, they are denounced by the complacency crowd as uncouth, violent thugs who are ruining everything that evidently, the mainstream left is accomplishing.

George Victor

The kids would not recognize the "left", mainstream or urinal, if they fell into it.

kropotkin1951 kropotkin1951's picture

George Victor wrote:

The kids would not recognize the "left", mainstream or urinal, if they fell into it.

If this is true then who do I blame?  The kids, the media they interact with, their parents or alien life forms?

George Victor

You left out a few institutions.  Try for a few more... then add all together and stir.  (well, perhaps not alien life forms) : ) 


The kids are going to have at least a generation to figure out why the two old line parties are bad for Canada and the USA. Record low voter turnouts to come as economic stagnation and poverty become permanent features of society in North America over the next decade. The gig is up on cold war era lies about middle class capitalism based on consumerism. Stooges tied our economic wagon of fortunes to a country and vicious empire in decline.

John the Revelator wrote:
'I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I was greatly astonished.'