Gladio: The covert war on democracy

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Gladio: The covert war on democracy

[url=GLADIO">, Bin Laden to Erdogan, Belhadj and Hamas: Mossad´s and NATO´s Dirty Underwear 2012[/url]

A true axis of evil is geographically spanning from the Pentagon, via Europe, Turkey, Palestine and Hamas, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, all the way to Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Christof Lehmann wrote:
In temporal terms it is an axis that has it´s roots in the murderous NATO "Stay Behind" Armies of the Cold War, responsible for the murder of civilians and school children in Belgium, the Bologna bombing in Italy that killed countless civilians; the most serious war crimes against Serbs in NATO´s covert operations on the Balkan; the self inflicted wound of 9/11 and the subsequent war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq; the murder of US Soldiers as well as the creation of sectarian violence in Iraq; the Mavi Marmara act of piracy by Israel, which must be considered as being contemporary histories most intricate "false flag" operation; the still ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Libya by agency of Abdelhakim Belhadj who was a passenger on the Mavi Marmara; and the ongoing covert war on Syria, with a NATO and Belhadj Led "Free Syrian Army".

Gladio and the continuing war on democracy. Discuss.


NATO's Secret Armies: fact or fiction?

Daniel Ganser wrote:
Mr. Ganser, our last and the most important question - is there any reason to say that NATO's secret armies were not dismissed and did not stop its activities in Europe?

The question of what NATO is doing today and whether it still has secret armies is a very delicate question. I always say that the problem with NATO is that it does not want to talk about its secret armies that it had in the Cold War. I once wrote a letter to NATO and asked them about more data of the secret armies and they just refused to talk about the subject. So, NATO is not really transparent, it is a military organization and if it doesn't want to talk about something it just doesn't talk about it.

So, I think it is possible that NATO today is still using a secret warfare to achieve its interests and therefore we need more and also more critical research on what NATO is really doing, I mean it is always the same but it is a force for peace, but we know that NATO is the biggest military organization now existing worldwide. We know that NATO is basically directed by the United States and that the Europeans are only on the secondary line of command and therefore it is very important to have this discussion in Europe about NATO history - past, present and future.

Daniel Ganser broke the story about Gladio in Europe in 1991. It was a non-story here in the western hemisphere and only made the back pages of major newspapers. Of course, the leading nation of NATO's secret stay behind armies officially, and conspicuously, denied the allegation saying that documents produced at the time were "Soviet forgeries."

Daniel Ganser, Swiss historian and an important individual in the current anti-war movement who says that pursuit of peace requires constant vigilance and critical analysis, or what today's peace activism is surely missing.


America's Covert War of Terror: A Journey into Moral Depravity Interview with Rep. Dennis Kucinich

When 26 members of the US Congress wrote to President Obama recently urging him to get a grip on his use of drones as ‘faceless ambassadors that cause civilian deaths,' one man in particular was responsible.

Congressman for Ohio Dennis Kucinich has been a career politician for more than 40 years - but he's no Washington insider. Described at times by friend and foe alike as ‘the most liberal man in America,' Kuchinich maintains a principled stand against US militarism.

Kucinich has viewed America's targeted killings programme against alleged terrorists with alarm for some years. Recently he has agitated for the United States to be open about its covert wars, and for Congress to assert its right to declare war - or not - in places like Pakistan and Yemen. And Kucinich, twice a Presidential primary contender, is also trying to introduce a Bill that would outlaw the assassination of American citizens by US agencies like the CIA.

On the day that the Bureau spoke with him, a UN expert in Geneva had just labeled a CIA drone tactic used in Pakistan as ‘a war crime'.

Liquid global war and threatening sovereign nations with military aggression since 9/11 is illegal according to Kucinich and Congress reps.


Gladio (BBC - 1992)


Thanks NDPP. And here is that Canadian blog you pointed out to me:

Helicopter Crash, Shootings in Church, US Marines in Belgium, client state gladio etc

The Argentinian government kidnapped kids.

Under the leadership of Jorge Videla and Reynaldo Bignone, even babies were kidnapped.

Two former Argentinian dictators jailed for stealing babies.‎

Yes they kidnapped children and infants/newborns. The fascists rounded-up and tortured human rights activists, teachers, union leaders, and yes, pregnant socialists, too. The did worse than stealing babies - they also murdered them.

And the "strategy of tension" is without a doubt still employed by various US client states in this very hemisphere even today.


Just in case anyone was curious, and had never heard the term "Gladio" before, like me, here is the wikipedia page that explains it.


Who is Behind the Bulgaria "False Flag" Attack on Israeli Tourists?

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich wrote:
On July 18, 2012, attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria took the lives of 5 Israeli nationals, a Bulgarian, and the mysterious suicide bomber. It is reported that the suspect, a young Caucasian, had a fake Michigan driver's license. According to Israeli Haaretz, a top Bulgarian official warned that it would be a "mistake" to blame a specific country or organization for the attack. However, Israel 's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had other ideas.

Quick to point the finger at Iran , Mr. Netanyahu called it an "Iranian terror network spreading throughout the world". He added: "Exactly 18 years after the attack on a Jewish community center in Argentina , the Iranian terror continues to hurt innocent people." Apparently, it takes a village and some to set Iran up.

Cui bono?

"Naturally the common people don't want war. . . That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy. . . The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." -

"After the United States gobbled up California and half of Mexico, and we were stripped down to nothing, territorial expansion suddenly becomes a crime. It's been going on for centuries, and it will still go on." - Göring, Nuremberg, 1946


The Nexus Between Terror Propaganda and Terrorism: Bremer and Jenkins

Kevin Ryan wrote:
Gladio was a well-coordinated covert campaign of terrorism directed by the U.S. and other Western governments against their own populations. Hundreds of innocent people were killed or maimed in terrorist attacks which were then blamed on leftist subversives or other political opponents.  Italian General Paolo Inzerilli commanded the Italian forces of Gladio from 1974 to 1986 and he later said that “the omnipresent United States dominated the secret CPC that directed the secret war.”[13]


Operation Northwoods called “for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. [This would provide] the public and international backing they needed to launch their war.”[10] The signed documents are available today and because of this we know that high level U.S. government representatives conspire, on occasion, to commit crimes against the American people for the purpose of starting wars.

Kevin Ryan,  co-editor of the 9/11 Journal of Studies writing on public knowledge of that which is known to lurk the black hearts of the Neocons. Terrorism has been their game for a long time.


Bosnia, Kosovo, and Now Libya: The Human Costs of Washington’s On-Going Collusion with Terrorists 2011

Peter Dale Scott(Canadian) wrote:
The pattern of U.S. collaboration with Muslim fundamentalists against more secular enemies is not new. It dates back to at least 1953, when the CIA recruited right-wing mullahs to overthrow Prime Minister Mossadeq in Iran, and also began to cooperate with the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood.3 But in Libya in 2011 we see a more complex marriage of convenience between US and al-Qaeda elements: one which repeats a pattern seen in Bosnia in 1992-95, and Kosovo in 1997-98. In those countries America responded to a local conflict in the name of a humanitarian intervention to restrain the side committing atrocities. But in all three cases both sides committed atrocities, and American intervention in fact favored the side allied with al-Qaeda.

Lengthy essay but well worth the read. 


"Freedom Fighters": The Foot Soldiers of the American Empire Selected Articles

Julie Lévesque wrote:

One of the earlier examples of such a modus operandi, still widely ignored, is Gladio, "NATO's European stay-behind army", active during the Cold War. Controlled by the CIA and Britain's MI6, Gladio members orchestrated terrorist attacks in Western Europe, which were blamed on Communist entities. 

Gladio was falsely presented to key European state officials as a stand-by secret army ready to counter a possible communist take over. The ultimate goal of Gladio was to demonize the Communist and Socialist parties and encourage European citizens to endorse their governments' commitment to "National security".   

American citizens were not exempt from such scheming. As Prof. James F. Tracy explains:

"The string of still unresolved US political assassinations throughout the 1960s suggest how such practices were not restricted to foreign countries. Nor were they solely the terrain of intelligence agencies. Along lines similar to Gladio, in the early 1960s the US Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed Operation Northwoods, where terrorist attacks would be initiated against US civilians in American cities and the violence blamed on Cuban combatants to justify war against the island nation.[2] The Kennedy administration rejected the proposal. While Northwoods exhibited the capacity for government to conceive and propose such plans, Gladio was demonstrably carried out against Western civilian populations in multiple locations over many years." (Prof. James F. Tracy False Flag Terror and Conspiracies of Silence.)

The recruitment of  paramilitary armies and death squads played a key role in the conduct of US foreign policy. These “secret soldiers” were turned into highly visible “freedom fighters”, waging the Empire’s war at the forefront and in plain sight: Afghan Mujahideen, Nicaraguan Contras, Kosovar and Haitian rebels, etc.

Julie Lévesque is an independent Canadian journalist working for  Bravo Julie.


Prelude to a Coming Interview- Operation Gladio The Master Key to Understanding the States’ Secrets

Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett will talk about NATO's history of false flag terrorism.