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Home Sweet Home: civil disobedience in Ireland to protest homelessness

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Joined: Jan 3 2004

Interesting action in Ireland.

News article:

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The takeover of a vacant building in the capital, to house the homeless, was organised by the Irish Housing Network and various trade unionists, but under the name Home Sweet Home.

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Wonderful, Mark!

I'm always looking for info about housing struggles elsewher for my tenants' association bulletin, and I'll definitely read these things over and condense them in a short article (in French, of course). Years ago I met the DAL (Droit au logement) squat in southeaster Paris - mostly families from West African countries (and some from the Maghreb). I did an interview with a Palestine activist here about Jewish Israeli encroachment on housing in Jerusalem East, and more recently, an interview with a friend in Santiago Chile about people (mostly families) taking over an unused building there - Santiago has also fallen prey to gentrification, complicating the lives of working-class people.

Another member did stories about tenants' rights in New Brunswick and in BC...

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