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MLA speaks at Surrey demonstration following murder of Indian journalist Gauri Lankesh


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  • Surrey–Green Timbers NDP MLA Rachna Singh spoke at a rally condemning the assassination of Indian journalist Gauri Lankesh.

Lankesh was a well-known critic of growing violence by Hindu fundamentalists since the election of a right wing government in 2014 led by Narenda Modi.

She had reportedly been receiving threats from extremist groups.

Gauri Lankesh was shot dead outside her home in the state of Karnataka.

After she was killed, some supporters of Modi's Hindu nationalist Bhartiya Janata Party trashed her on social media.

Speakers at the September 6 rally in Holland Park condemned the murder of Lankesh, with some carrying placards denouncing Hindutva terror on minorities.

Organized by the Indians Abroad for Pluralist India, the only MLA present was the NDP's Rachna Singh (Surrey–Green Timbers). 

Her husband, indpendent journalist and Georgia Straight contributor Gurpreet Singh, was there as a founding member of IAPI.

Others present included journalist and broadcaster Gurvinder Singh Dhaliwal, Dashmesh Darbar Gurdwara spokesman Gian Singh Gill, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Society founder Ranjit Singh Khalsa, Akali Dal (Amritsar) leader Sarabjit Singh, visiting Dravid activist from India Waman Meshram, Muslim activist Sayyad Wajahat, Dalit activist Kamlesh Ahir, secularist activist Sunil Kumar, Indian RationalIst Society Leader Avtar Gill, and two veteran leftist activists, Harjit Daudhria and Amarjit Sufi.


Instead of starting a new thread I went back into the archives to resurrect the first thread titled "India"

CCTV 4 in China is all over this but I'm under the impression western news outlets are silent(input required)

In China's news there's a claim that India is more agressive in establishing total control of the Indian ocean. This link sheds a little light on this

Not sure if other babblers are interested in this subject but I'll throw it out there?


The New Great Game Moves From Asia-Pacific To Indo-Pacific  -  by Pepe Escobar

"Is the world's center of gravity shifting to the heart of the Indo-Pacific - a new pivot to Asia?


Thanks for the link NDPP! I personally feel that not only babblers, but many people in the west underrate the importance of India and its relations with China Pakistan and other regional powers. 

I predict in another 5-10 years, Indo Pacific news stories will be much more common and covered in greater detail!

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Arundhati Roy’s Latest Novel Takes on Fascism, Rising Hindu Nationalism in India & Abuses in Kashmir


ARUNDHATI ROY: The Narmada dam, sorry, the dams that are built on this Narmada River. And, to me, that political understanding and education that I received from that movement, I see the bones of—the sacrificial bones of this uniquely Indian fascism really in the foundations of that dam, you know, really the idea that there is a community that is more entitled than another, the idea that you can take the water from a river valley, centralize it in a dam reservoir and then decide who should—who should get that water.

I mean, recently, now that the dam is built, now that everything that the anti-dam movement has said has come true, we had an incredible spectacle of: whatever little water there was in the reservoir, which should have been used for the farmers of Gujarat through the drought months, given what the dam said it was going to do, was released, in a rush, the day—just weeks before the Gujarat election. For what? For the prime minister to land a seaplane as an election spectacle. And today, that water is gone. And what little water there is in the canal is being protected by the police from farmers who need it. You know, this is fascism. It’s not just concentration camps, you know?

AMY GOODMAN: Which most people here really know almost nothing about.

ARUNDHATI ROY: Nothing about. I mean, just imagine the fact that just in the last few, two or three, years, a new technique of firing pellet guns into crowds has blinded completely or partially more than a thousand people. A thousand people, you know? But under the banner of this market-friendly democracy, no one’s going to talk about it. Under the banner of a democracy that buys huge amounts of weapons from France, from America, we are being courted. All those dark secrets are being swept under the carpet, because we are buying weapons from the West. And how will the West survive if we idiots don’t buy weapons?

So, I mean, 20 years of traveling, of seeing, of writing, but all those essays were always very urgent interventions in a situation that was closing down. There was something very urgent about the way they were written. But, simultaneously, there was all this kind of gathering in me—for example, the travels in Kashmir. I could not write about Kashmir. Nobody really can easily write about Kashmir in nonfiction, because what happens there is not just based on what evidence you can produce, you know, the terror that seeds the air, the terror of living in the most dense military occupation in the world, half a million soldiers, the complicated—

ARUNDHATI ROY: Well, look, you know, I have always found it remarkable—I mean, The God of Small Things was a political book. After it won the Booker Prize, people in India especially, but a lot of people, particularly in Kerala, you know, liked to think about it, because they wanted to claim me, but not the politics of the book, so let’s ignore the fact that it’s about the most brutal and ancient social hierarchy that any human society has produced, which is caste. Let’s not talk about that. It can be a book about children, or it can be a book very lyrically written, and so on.


Thanks for providing the link Josh!

This is real scary stuff! There's a hell of a lot of stars/planets lining up so to speak to create a very dangerous uprising in India. I wish these people all the best in improving conditions within their country and lots of peace!


I'm not a big Modi fan

Canada should give honorary citizenship to author Arundhati Roy to highlight growing fascism in India

Indian author and essayist Arundhati Roy has consistently and courageously spoken out about the troubling rise of fascist thinking in India under the rule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Mission Shakti: India shoots down live satellite in space, says PM Narendra Modi

Announcement comes just over two weeks before polls open in Indian general election



Talk about circumventing the rules but it appears Modi is a sandal-in for re-election.

PM Narendra Modi takes spiritual break


A shame, but not surprising.  Fascism is in now, especially when it covers itself in religion.  And where, as in Israel, there is a moribund opposition.


Indian-controlled Kashmir was in lockdown Monday, with tens of thousands of new troops deployed into what is already one of the most militarized places in the world, as a number of prominent politicians were placed under house arrest and New Delhi announced contentious changes to the way the territory is administered.

A broad communications blackout left many people without access to the internet and phone services across the territory, with measures also in place to prevent public meetings.


Pakistan's prime minister warned that a move by India to strip Kashmir of its special status could lead to war between the two countries and the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in the restive Himalayan region.

. . . .

Internet and phone service was cut off ahead of Monday's decree, some 400 local politicians have been placed under arrest by Indian security forces, according to India Today.

The magazine reports that hotels, guest houses, government and private buildings have been turned into makeshift jails to house the detainees, which include separatist leaders and even politicians seen as working for an accommodation with India.


Pakistan has expelled the Indian envoy on Wednesday as it downgraded diplomatic and suspended bilateral trade relations with India, according to media reports from both countries.


Kashmir Article 370 Scrapping Shows BJP Wants AUTHORITARIAN INDIA - Vijay Prashad (and vid)

"On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Indian author and Director of the Transcontinental Institute for Social Research Vijay Prashad on India's revocation of Article 370 and the 35th Amendment for Jammu and Kashmir. He discusses this as a sign that Indian federalism is under threat and that the BJP wants an authoritarian, centralized India..."


Pakistan to Downgrade Relations, Suspend Bilateral Trade With India

"Pakistan says it's going to downgrade diplomatic relations with India and suspend trade with neighbor state, dubbing New Delhi's decision to revoke the autonomous state of Kashmir as 'unilateral and illegal'. Pakistan vowed to take the Kashmir issue to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), while PM Imran Khan, told the Pakistani military to 'continue vigilance..."


This is not the first time that the Hindu right, led by Modi, has unleashed mass suffering in pursuit of its vision of Hindutva, an India that is largely or even exclusively for the Hindus. In 2002, when Modi was chief minister of the western state of Gujarat, a pogrom against Muslims left nearly a thousand dead and turned many more into refugees. Since Modi’s tenure as prime minister began in 2014, and especially since being handed a second term in resounding fashion earlier this year, such violence has percolated through the entire nation, provoking lynchings, assassinations, rapes, beatings, imprisonments, and constant abuse on airwaves and social media by Modi’s cheerleaders.


Fisk: Israel is Playing a Big Role in India's Escalating Conflict With Pakistan

"For months, Israel has been assiduously lining itself up alongside India's nationalist BJP government in an unspoken - and politically dangerous - 'anti-Islamist' coalition, and unofficial unacknowledged alliance, while India itself has now become the largest weapons market for the Israeli arms trade. The Israelis have filmed joint exercises between their own 'special commando' units and those sent by India to be trained in the Negev desert, again with all the expertise supposedly learned by Israel in Gaza.

Several Indian commentators, however, have warned that right-wing Zionism and right-wing nationalism under Modi should not become the foundation stone of the relationship between the two countries. But it is difficult to see how Zionist nationalism will not leach into Hindu nationalism when Israel is supplying so many weapons to India - the latest of which India, which has enjoyed diplomatic relations with Israel since 1992, has already used against Islamists, inside Pakistan..."


Footage From Kargil: Indian Occupation in Full Swing


Indianising Kashmir at Gunpoint

"...All those historic assurances by India's founding fathers to the Kashmiris have been struck down and swept away with the stroke of a pen by the current Indian leadership. A complex melting-pot of a country that once took great pride in its diversity, tolerance and democracy is being recklessly transformed into a majoritarian and totalitarian state..."


Hitler's Hindus: The Rise and Rise of India's Nazi-Loving Nationalists (2017)

"Admiration for Nazism - often reframed with a genocidal hatred for Muslims - is rampant in the Hindu nationalist camp, which has never been as mainstream as it is now..."

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I was much younger and naive when I travelled through Kashmir and Ledac, and other parts of India. I have no idea who was in government in India in 1990 but the Indian Army had Srinigar on curfew and the Indian Army was active throughout Kashmir - skirmishes with the Pakistani Army. You could see the fireworks of these assaults on villages at night and rubble the next day. Our hosts during our stay in Srinigar were huge fans of Bob Marley, who they regarded as a warrior for the downtrodden of the world. (I also think there was a lot of hash being smoked :-) )

I do hope the BJP is stopped from pursuing this purge of Kashimiri Muslims and the advance of their vision of Hindutva. The whole country was engulfed in violent protests, acts of self-immolation and arson related to Muslim and Hindu tensions and Hindu on Hindu tensions (protests against certain casts finally being granted greater access to post-secondary education).


The daughter of one of Kashmir’s most prominent politicians has pleaded with the international community to act over an unprecedented clampdown imposed on millions of people in the territory, warning that Kashmiris are being “caged like animals” and treated as cannon fodder.


More than four million people in India, mostly Muslims, are at risk of being declared foreign migrants as the government pushes a hard-line Hindu nationalist agenda that has challenged the country’s pluralist traditions and aims to redefine what it means to be Indian.


Kashmiris in New Delhi Speak of Fears Amid Lockdown (podcast)

"A lockdown in the Muslim-majority state of Kashmir in India has left many Kashmiris in New Delhi worried about their friends and family back home..."

'The crackdown is unprecedented. It's a very dire situation..."

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Christian West supporting Jihad against the Pagan East.

Nothing unusual to see here,