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Breaking: Russian Navy Heading Toward Persian Gulf

"RT America's Yulia Shapovalova reports on the new cooperation agreement between the Iranian government and Russia. According to the document, both nations will hold joint naval drills in the Persian Gulf later this year..."


All But Iran? David Morrison, Co-Author: A Dangerous Delusion (and vid)

"The latest showdown between Washington and Tehran is a lot like the US clash with North Korea two years ago, except for one critical difference: There is no regional ally capable of restraining the US worst tendencies. With barbs traded and sanctions imposed, what can stop the US from sliding into yet another Middle East war? Oksana is joined by David Morrison, co-author of 'A Dangerous Delusion: Why the West is Wrong About Nuclear Iran.'


Israel May 'Spark A War' If It Joins US-Led Flotilla in Persian Gulf, Iran's Navy Chief Warns

"Tehran has advised Israel to stay clear of the Persian Gulf, where the US has been struggling to amass an anti-Iranian armada, noting that any vessel illegally present in the region increases the risk of an all-out conflict. 'Any illegitimate presence by the Zionists in the waters of the Persian Gulf could spark a war,' commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Navy, Alireza Tangsiri warned on Sunday..."


We Asked Canadian Politicians Why They Engaged With A 'Cult'- Like Group From Iran

"For almost a decade Liberal and Conservative MPs have attended or spoken at events held by a 'cult'-like group from Iran. The MEK now works closely with powerful hardliners in the White House, including US National Security Adviser John Bolton. 'It is a brutal, thuggishly corrupt group that is led in a completely dictatorial way by its leader. It has zero support inside Iran..."


Maybe it's time to offer Iranians automatic Canadian citizenship including free flights to Canada and setting them up with lodgings and an income.

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Very snarky, Paladin1. Perhaps before we have to offer anyone in the world the humanitarian offer of safety in a new country, we should avoid stoking war and devastation in the lands where the live and love.