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Thx NDPP for posting the links. It is clear the Western media has not conducted the same campaign of disinformation, absence of on the ground coverage and attempts to discredit sources as we saw in Aleppo. It is all about media reading intentions into actions. The Western media claims that Syria and Russia; "intended to bomb citizens and infrastructure including hospitals" while in Mosel and Fallujah it is more, "nothing much to see here" and "despite the unfortunate deaths  NATO grieves for every civilian killed."

The fact is that all sides have bombed cities and civilian areas because that is where the terrorists deliberately live. It seems to me that prior to interventing in other peoples countries some consideration of the resulting chaos should be involved in the equation. How many Iraqi's have died because their American backed dictator over stepped his US prescribed boundaries. The hundreds of thousands of dead and millions of displaced refugees are far greater crimes against humanity than any of dictatorial secular governments in the region have committed. Yet even after Iraq and Libya people still cheer on the NATO destruction of Syria as if it good for the people who live there.

NATO's Middle East strategy is like me covertly setting fire to my neighbours garden shed and then when they ask for help I fire up my bulldozer and raze their house to keep the arson caused fire from spreading.



Canadian Troops Assisting in Mosul

"Canadian special forces have taken a more active role in the battle for Mosul...They are also providing some assistance to Iraqi forces fighting in the western half of the city, officials say, THROUGH THE IDENTIFICATION OF TARGETS, and other tactical support from east Mosul..."

"Wherever We Went We Got Bombed'

Thanks for helping,  Canada..


Six Months of Mosul Onslaught[ER]: Thousands of Civilians Killed in Terrorist Capital Siege

"Six months have passed since the siege of Mosul was officially launched by the Iraqi army and its allies, including the US [and Canada].

Thousands  of civilians have been killed in the battle, with hundreds of thousands being force to flee the devastation."

And still no notice taken by Canadian 'progressives'...


Devastated Mosul Hospital Struggles To Treat Injured Patients

"No other place to take them."

Again, unlike Aleppo - silence from the progressive imperialists who apparently only notice Russian or Syrian bombing.