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[Trying to get past the meta meta meta conversations...]

I remember Joe Clark's foolish election promise to move the Canadian embassy to Jerusalem. What I forgot was that Jimmy Carter (same initials) had made the same promise during his own election campaign, and mercifully broke it later, as did Joe. And I also forgot that after Joe's planned move caused the entire world (except Israel of course) to jump on his head, he appointed Robert Stanfield to investigate and report back!

The whole story is [url=]here[/url], and the old CBC video news report is worth watching as well.

Let's hope Trump, whose initials are different (though reminiscent of delirium tremens), will also forget this aggressive, unlawful, and pandering promise.



The Associated Press:

BREAKING: Israel approves 2,500 West Bank settlement homes, signaling new approach under Trump. 


josh wrote:

The Associated Press:

BREAKING: Israel approves 2,500 West Bank settlement homes, signaling new approach under Trump. 

Are you serious, josh? "New approach under Trump?" Are you serious, josh???? You quote this crap as if it's "news"????


In April 2012, four illegal outposts were retroactively legalized by the Israeli government.[314] In June 2012, the Netanyahu government announced a plan to build 851 homes in five settlements: 300 units in Beit El and 551 units in other settlements.[315][316]

Amid peace negotiations that showed little signs of progress, Israel issued on 3 November 2013, tenders for 1,700 new homes for Jewish settlers. The plots were offered in nine settlements in areas Israel says it intends to keep in any peace deal with the Palestinians.[317] On 12 November, Peace Now revealed that the Construction and Housing Ministry had issued tenders for 24,000 more settler homes in the West Bank, including 4,000 in East Jerusalem.[318] 2,500 units were planned in Ma'aleh Adumim, some 9,000 in the Gush Etzion Region, and circa 12,000 in the Binyamin Region, including 1,200 homes in the E1 area in addition to 3,000 homes in previously frozen E1 projects.[319] Circa 15,000 homes of the 24,000 plan would be east of the West Bank Barrier and create the first new settlement blocs for two decades, and the first blocs ever outside the Barrier, far inside the West Bank.[320] 

Hint 1: Obama was president during the above.

Hint 2: The settlements have been illegally established and occupied by settlers since 1967.

Hint 3: LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama. Sorry if I missed one or two, just going from memory.

So the "new approach under Trump" is... what?

Oh wait a minute, you were just quoting an MSM breaking news headline... you don't necessarily subscribe to that fake news... am I right?





So the "new approach under Trump" is... what? 


If you like, dropping the pretense.


Gulf Activists Reject Saudi-Israeli 'Flirtation' at Davos

"Activists in the Gulf states are strongly condemning a meeting between former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni and a high-ranking representative of Saudi Arabia last week..."

It's far more than a 'flirtation'. Israel and Saudi have been 'going together' for a while.


Police 'likely to recommend' indictment of Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges

Sean in Ottawa

bekayne wrote:

Police 'likely to recommend' indictment of Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges


Here's to hoping his US friend is soon in the same position


As Bibi Readies For Trump Summit, He Dumps Two-State for 'State-Minus'

"To all those Israel apologists who've been professing Bibi's adherence to the two-state solution, you can all retire in shame. Netanyahu has officially ditched two-state. He's now going with a new marketing campaign which he dubs 'State minus'. It's not a Palestinian state. It's something less than that. More along the lines of a South African Bantustan, but minus the disparaging reference."

Palestinian 'First Nation' being readied for 'self-government'?


Two-State Solution For Palestinians and Israelis is 'Totally Fraudulent' (and vid)


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I hope some of the NDP leadership candidates read this poll and decide that the policy on Israel needs to change to represent the views of its supporters.

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In Historic Report, U.N. Agency Says Israel Is Imposing an "Apartheid Regime" on Palestinian People

For the first time, a United Nations agency has directly accused Israel of imposing an "apartheid regime" on the Palestinian people. The report also urges governments to "support boycott, divestment and sanctions [BDS] activities and respond positively to calls for such initiatives." The findings come in a new report published by the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, which is comprised of 18 Arab states. For more, we speak with the co-author of the report, Richard Falk. He’s professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University and previously served as the U.N. special rapporteur on Palestinian human rights....


Russia summons Israeli ambassador to explain air raids in Syria

Moscow raises concerns over Israel’s exchange of fire with Syrian regime forces as second incident kills pro-Assad fighter